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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by laterdanish, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Fantastic ,somebody has posted Toyah's performance at the british Rock And Pop Awards ( The Brits) on youtube.

    I haven't seen this since the night it went out on TV. I Always thought she looked amazing on the awards and watching this all those years later she still does.
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    So Patsy Kensit is the new face of weight watchers and there is to be a run of adverts featuring her after Xmas. Apparently Toyah's 2008 track 'Sensational' features in the advert.....
  3. Sweet Jesus, how long do we have to wait for a "Desire" reissue.
  4. I'm fed up with The Humans, I need an album like In The Court of the Crimson Queen.
  5. Pye


    Toyah is on the Pj front page today!
  6. This thread deserves a bump.

    Over the last three years, she's done three amazing retrospective tours that really felt progressive. With all the 80s-revival tours she's been involved in over the years, these latest tours have really felt like they acknowledge her great back catalogue and I for one loved them. It felt so good to see her celebrate everything she created without playing down her achievements through covers of other peoples' songs.

    There's some talk of her working some "Minx" songs into her latest Intergalactic Ranch House tour in autumn. It'd be amazing to hear some of that album played live, as I don't think she's ever played them before, has she? I also read on her Facebook page that they're working on some digital releases, so perhaps we will finally get an expanded version of "Desire".

    It does feel like she's really invested in her music again, with some interesting digital releases (such as the recent live album on SoundCloud) and talk of her recording a new album. It's really great that she is finding new fans, even though she's not exactly bothered the charts for almost 30 years.
  7. I dug the Minx CD out again last week, and as a result decided to re-design my homemade Toyah anthology. So I am very keen to see Desire get a long-awaited reissue, because it's still £60 on the second-hand market!
  8. STILL hoping a reissue of "Desire" sees the light of day, I'm only really a fan of her 81-88 output. Can't believe it's nearly ten years since the "Minx" reissue! Apparently Toyah has been in talks with Safari as I think there are plans to reissue her back catalogue. Despite a few ok songs I think the pairing up with Simon Darlow doesn't do her any favours and never has done.
  9. Toyah is the guest on this week's edition of Neil McCormick's Needle Time on Vintage TV tonight at 10.30pm.
  10. I thought it was a pretty cool programme actually. I saw her on her Acoustic and Personal tour recently too - she has soooo many cool stories to tell!

    I don't think it has been mentioned here yet, but Desire is finally available digitally and remastered with artwork - it actually sounds great! Prostitute and Ophelia's Shadow are also available once again.
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  11. The Changeling is such a great album, a forgotten and overlooked gem. Creepy Room, The Packt, Angel & Me and Dawn Chorus are the standouts. Produced by Steve Lillywhite it's a perfect post-punk/ new wave album with an intriguing apocalyptic undertone. She's obviously working on her next solo album with her long-time collaborator Simon Darlow at the moment and was gushing about a new song called Our Hearts Still Beat, which will be featured in a movie called Extremis. Toyah plans to preview the new album at Glastonbury 2016.
  12. She told him she can sing her songs better now, but honestly...she sings them to the point where it sounds like a weird karaoke. Sing them weird! Do the Toyah foghorn voice that Marina uses now! It's A Mystery isn't the same unless it sounds (and looks) as though she's possessed.

    LIKE THIS!!!

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  13. Ooooh some reissues on the horizon hopefully

    Plans to release 5 boxsets over the next 3 years

    "Thank you very much for the birthday wishes - it's much appreciated. We have been planning for three years for every one of my albums to be re-released this year. These plans are still moving forward but greatly affected by Safari's choice to sell my entire back catalogue just as we delivered the release plan to them. As you can guess, I am finding this one of the most insulting, infuriating, nastiest things anyone could have ever done to me in my 40-year career. Currently, I am waiting for the material to become available on the market so I can be a bidder for it. I am hugely grateful to Demon music who have offered to part buy with me to make the purchase possible. We still plan to release five box sets over the next three years"

    Guess it's going to be Sheep Farming, Blue Meaning, Anthem, Changeling and Love is the Law

    Would love the live albums to be reissued again although ot sure what else could be added apart from including the full Warrior Rock live album without bits edited out like the reissue a few years back
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  14. Warrior Rock on CD in its original form, plus Desire reissued are essential for me.
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  15. I wonder who has the rights to her Safari albums, then? I've wanted a "Desire" reissue for ages, so hope that's included. I don't know why it was left out of the reissue run in the first place...
  16. Safari still own the rights as far as I'm aware and Toyah is trying to buy back the rights along with Demon music helping

    Desire wasn't a Safari album so might be other plans for that one, I'm more interested in the early stuff and hopefully we'll get some decent reissues
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  17. Ah, I misread. I thought a third party had purchased her catalogue. She says "every one of my albums to be re-released this year" and she owns the rights to "Desire", so *crosses fingers*.
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  18. Anything related to Toyah's back catalogue can only be a good thing (except re-recordings) :)
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  19. As DMG are linked to the BBC, I wonder if we could possibly get the re-recorded BBC audio versions of "It's A Mystery"& "Dawn Chorus" included and the BBC concerts too.
  20. I'd love the BBC stuff to be released on dvd, but i've been told that they're a nightmare for licencing costs and the returns wouldn't be worth it, we can but hope if Demon get involved that that material is released as it would be ideal
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