TR/ST - The Destroyer - 2 [Nov. 1st]

TR/ST has returned with the first track from Part 2 of his Destroyer series. Out November 1st.

Heavier sounding than a lot of the first part and seems to slide into the Slug/Joyland/Bicep feeling tracks.

1. Enduring Chill
2. Iris
3. Darling
4. cor
5. Destroyer
6. Shame
7. The Stain
8. Slow Burn
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Iris is fantastic. The quality definitely isn't slipping with part two if this is anything to go by.

But...Nov 1st? For an 8 track album? What the fuck.
After hearing “cor”, it’s a shame they didn’t ask them to score Terminator 3.

All shaping up to be another thoroughly heart-wrenchingly gorgeous affair. After two years title track finally clicked in context. Just presumed I wouldn’t take to anything on Vol 2, but it’s proved quite the opposite! Compelling material, which has been a joy to hear.
The title track.

He was really saving that one huh.
The title track and The Stain are so haunting. The former is giving me Sia's Breathe Me vibes. Both are beautiful. I also like that he has switched it up a bit on the production with these two and I guess on the album in general.

I guess the way he has slowed down the tempo on the second part is a bit jarring at first but I appreciate it. In that way this album really does stand on its own but would perhaps make a better listen combined with the first part.
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I actually love part 2. It’s not his usual stuff but I’m combing back to it pretty often.

Also, how can he jump around for 1,5h on stage and still not be out of breath?! The vocals were questionable sometimes, but I think he pulled it off.