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Tracks not released as a single appreciation thread

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by D is for Danger!, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. My favorite CLC song so far.
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  2. With Day6 popping up in the General Discussion thread, here's their best song

  3. I will never understand why this wasn't a single

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  4. Seriously... Those two Rainbow Syndrome era title tracks killed any momentum they had going.
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  5. Lukewarm by Pentagon is quite a song.

  6. OH MY GIRL. How can anyone of you sleep on this fresh unique and pure song that will make you fall in love with them?

    Brown Eyed Girls.
    This song is beautiful and makes me so nostalgic. It should have and could have been a MASSIVE single for them after Abracadabra or SIGN.

    Seo In Young. This could have been a better lead single for her "Brand New Elly" era instead of Oh My Gosh (stupid song).

    Girls Generation. They could have topped The Boys on that era with this song.


    They're all I can think of at the top of my head.
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  7. Fave track from I's debut mini-album.
  8. I feel like I'm ready to stan for Red Velvet, so which album tracks should I listen to? I know Cool World and Some Love... (both are A+++)
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  9. Campfire, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Oh Boy are all really good.
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  10. Just their entire full album in general really, but I love Don't U Wait No More in its ridiculousness. Time Slip is the perfect blend of the group's two sides as well. I also like Stupid Cupid from their first mini. And I second Oh Boy being good.

    (Basically just listen to everything. It's all on Spotify.)
  11. Let me listen to all that and report back.
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  13. "Red Dress", "Lady's Room", and "Huff n Puff" would be my choices but you can't go wrong listening to their whole discography, as @Reboot said.
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  14. Just a quick update, Time Slip is so good. Bye.
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  15. My second favourite track off of Wonder World.

  16. Don't U Wait No More / Red Dress / Oh Boy are all better than all of their singles.
  17. I quite like a decent chunk of Red Velvet album tracks like "Something Kinda Crazy", "Don't U Wait No More", "Red Dress", "Lucky Girl", and "Some Love".

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  18. YAS.
    Also Nu Shoes.
    GNO in all its tacky glory.
    Me, I (or I, Me I don't remember the title.)
    I hated this album when it was released but it's actually very good. The promoted track was weak though.
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  19. I wish it was longer but this entire album is nothing but single worthy material:

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  20. GNO is a jam! The chants in this performance are crazy!

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