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Tracks not released as a single appreciation thread

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by D is for Danger!, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. This one is sure to blow your speakers.

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  2. This thread is AMAZING. I always wanted to find some good album tracks. I will definitely listen to tracks mentioned here.

    I like L.I.E , but this is the superior song for me on the album :

    And I usually remember this when it comes to great album tracks :

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  3. Nine Muses' Primadonna album is great from start to finish.

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  4. I was just reminded of this and still want a music video for the English version.
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  5. [​IMG]

    @Squashua, @Ceir, @Deja-Boo, @Lego, @OtherDay6Fans:

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  6. DAY6 always delivers on B-sides, let me bump this post

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  7. Damn, y'all have already mentioned most of my favorite album tracks, what kind of flawless taste?

    Jewelry's b-sides were so good.
    TWO ZERO ONE TWO!! WE ARE JU-AL-EE! I'M THE BABY J! All riiiight~~~
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  8. I heard this playing at a Lotteria today and was shaken to my core. I'll be visiting again soon in appreciation of their impeccable playlist choice. Bumped for your continued appreciation.

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  9. GG don't have a great discography , for sure. But there are a few album tracks that i really like from them. And actually my most favourite song from them is an album track :

    My other favorites :

    Trick - Oscar - Express 999 - Honey- Top Secret

    I think all of their Japanese albums are pretty decent (great in the case of first album ) unlike their Korean albums that are weird but these are my favourites :

    Karma Butterfly - Animal - The Great Escape - Reflection - Motorcycle - I'm In Love With A Hero - I'm A Diamond- You-aholic
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  12. UGHHH this song is so AMAZING!!!
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  13. They better give this the Stuck treatment

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  14. I've just discovered this jam.
  15. Everything on Rookie album is better than the title track.
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  16. This is a masterpiece.
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  17. Not to pile on, but I'm really partial to "Happily Ever After" - still listening to it over and over again. I love how they slam so hard into the chorus after the weird sound effects, "tookumtookum!" and car unlocking sound... then bam... especially the tension and release of the final chorus. The vocal arrangement is so rich. Nobody does more with five voices than Led Barebet. If they only had the charisma of their sunbaenim... but they're getting there...

    This one, with angelic "Talk To Me" and the awesome "Body Talk" after it are three killer songs in a row.
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  18. Basically Thirsty.
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  19. I love Talk To Me but it's essentially a cover of Ariana's The Way.

    Another God Velvet album track that knocks is Cool World.
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  20. Monsta X could've had their Lucky One moment...
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