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transformers - the movie

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by mrp2910, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. full list of all the robots being featured has been unveiled on friday when the writers did a live web cam chat.

    apparently here they are
    the Autobots are:

    Optimus Prime: idealistic view of humanity.
    Bumblebee: underdog, spy, most "connected" to humans
    Jazz: style, loyal, eager, contemporary
    Ratchet: new form, medical officer, science officer. Emergency vehicle.
    Ironhide: tough, tough stare, first in battle, classic cowboy, gritty. Optimus' oldest friend.

    Decepticons are:

    Megatron: survival of the fittest, social darwinism, less idealistic view of humanity. Sees himself as advanced, sees humans as lower.
    Starscream: seems faithful but plotting, "we will see a lot of that dynamic," explains why he does not push it, waits for his opportunity.
    Brawl: eager for battle, jumps in. From non-G1 character, experimental, but will be in sequels. First disguised non-flyer.
    Bonecrusher: closest to constructicon but not giving away mode. Hates other cons except Megatron. Doesn't want friends.
    Barricade: scout, hunter, lures into trap.
    Scorponok: closest to Beast Wars, fitted to environment.
    Frenzy: "had some evolution for us," started off as Soundwave but had contradictions and changed to stay truer to G1. Smaller, able to infiltrate. Stealth spy, can hide anywhere.
    Blackout: comes in, takes out fighting ability, sends EMP, first-tier attack, transporter, biggest vehicle.
  2. Huh? what is this? I have not heard of this - its not another cartoon is it?

    Memories of Childhood are flooding back now. Why isn't Soundwave on that list?
  3. oh god, I am SO excited about this.

    Only slightl annoyance at the omission of Soundwave, but ho hum.

    And Micheal Bay is making it! And was that Stephen Speilberg's name being flashed about in the trailer.

    This could be fantastic or awful.

    I will probably love it anyway.

  4. I have really high hopes for this - I love all of Michael Bay's movies (well, okay, I only like about half of Pearl Harbour's runtime, but the rest of them are all great) and the crew are first rate. Scriptwriters Orci and Kurtzmann have been doing great work recently (Alias, M:I III, The Island) and there are some impressive cast names so far.

    However, as a fan of Transformers from way back when they first appeared (I remember getting Optimus Prime for Xmas 1985!) I really really hope they find some place to squeeze in Stan Bush's song Dare somewhere - it just wouldn't be a Transformers movie without it.
  5. Dare!

    Thankyou so much for reminding me of that. I am goign to be humming that round the office all week now!

    Anyone know where i can download said track?
  6. i used to like those dinosaur things.

    I remember getting the ambulance one for xmas and being a bit disapointed taht it didn't have a head like it does in the cartoon. God I used to have loads of those things - such a shame my mum threw everything (invcluding nearly every original star wars figure and space ship) into a charity shop as I bet they will go for a mint on ebay once the film comes out.
  7. If you got to there is a script review up. It details the opening scenes. It sounds all kinds of ace.
  8. There is more fan negativity surrounding this movie than any in recent memory...I can't believe it!

    It's giant cars that turn into robots, for fuck's sake!!! It will be fantastic no matter what happens in the story.

    Giant robots + blowing shit up = AWESOME.
  9. My sentiments exactly. And if they throw in that homoerotic subtext between Optimus Prime and Megatron then it will be a masterpiece.
  10. Fucking hell.

    This had better be amazing.
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