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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mushroom, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Not a thread to trash your least favourite TV shows but to celebrate your favourite shows which revel in their own one dimensional nature and (often) tastelessness.

    For example, I've just finished the first (and only *whipes tear*) season of 'Bridalplasty' in which, week on week, would-be brides compete for plastic surgery proceedures, before one of them wins the whole thing - at the end of 10 weeks - and is awarded a dream wedding and an entire wish-list of plastic surgery to change her beyond recognition. My favourite part may just be when each bride is evicted and told by the host "Your wedding will go on... it just won't be perfect". The whole thing is a glorious shambles, from the first task literally seeing the 8 victors grab syringes full of botox and run into the next room for a 'Botox Party' to the way in which they're wheeled back into the house almost instantaneously after having surgery to the complete melodrama of the entire voting process every week, and if there were 50 episodes for me to have watched, I could die happy.

    Think 'Flavour of Love'. Think 'Love and Hip Hop'. Think 'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic'. Go.
  2. What was that TV show where a bunch of straight guys pretended to be gay to found out the straight one posing as a gay? Presented by the illustrious June Sarpong.
  3. Playing it Straight? I loved that show, especially the second series that was on a couple of years ago. I watched it with my Gran and she has a surprisingly good gaydar.

    I've never even heard of Bridalplasty, but it sounds amazing. I might have to watch it.

    I don't really watch that much trash tv anymore, but I still have a massive soft spot for stuff like The Simple Life and Newlyweds.
  4. I don't consider The Simple Life trash TV.

    It's a sitcom, except that it is plotted out like a (very scripted) reality show.
  5. Bridalplasty was indeed AMAZING, its lack of further seasons is shameful. I assume you've seen the 3729692137 spin-offs (I Love New York, I Love Money, Charm School, Rock Of Love, Real Chance Of Love, etc.) that came from Flavor of Love? They're all amazing too, VH1 is the zenith of trashy TV.

    Megan is the best reality star (bar New York of course), it's a shame her show and all the other VH1 ones thereafter had to be cut short, although obviously understandable given the situation.
  6. I spent last night watching an episode of Sex Sent Me To ER or something along those lines.
    Complete trash and the bad re-enacting of the mishaps was probably the best part.
  7. K94


    Playing It Straight was fantastic especially the first one with June.

    Bad Girls Club is my favourite trash TV show - an absolute mess but a hilarious one. I also lived for Flavour of Love: Charm School.
  8. Last night I watched, in a mixture of horror and glee, two episodes of Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison. I don't know what was better, how rough all the mum's were, how rough Jennifer Ellison was pretending to be for dramatic effect (like seriously, her performance in this series is epic from her laid on accent to the crazy gestures and hurling abuse left right and centre) or how ridiculous the whole premise of the show was.

    I haven't seen any of the US version on which it is based, but I will be now.

    Does anyone remember a series called Paradise Hotel, presented by Amanda Byram? It was an American Show on years ago where single people had to couple up each week with someone and share a room, and the person left over who nobody wants gets chucked out. At the end the winners had to decide whether to split the money with their 'other half', and one of the girls decided not to and give her guy nothing, which was hilarious.
  9. Truly iconic

    (Starts at 0:32)
  10. [video=youtube;Al99Or7CdCk][/video]
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Celebrity Apprentice LaToya vs. Nene vs. Star Jones (Dionne Warwick was in this season too)

    Also in different seasons:
    Joan Rivers vs. Annie Duke
    Arsenio Hall vs. Aubrey O'Day
    Basically everyone vs. Aubrey O'Day (nobody liked her)
    Lisa Lampanelli vs. Dayana Mendoza
    Omarosa vs. Everybody (both of her seasons, I guess)


    The season with Nene and LaToya was the best though.
  12. The US version of Dance Moms is AMAZING. Pure trash gold, all of it. (I do feel horrible for the children of those women though - Abby Lee, the teacher, gets painted as a bully but she's usually the only one with any sense.)

    This was the absolute best. I even bought episodes on iTunes back in the day.
  13. I agree with all of this. The season with La Toya, Nene and Star was the absolute best Celebrity Apprentice series, and they've never been able to top it.

    I also hated Aubrey's behavior on Celebrity Apprentice. She and Lisa were absolutely vile, and they bullied Dayana out of pure jealousy. It was ridiculous.
  14. I found that talk show host guy's behaviour to Aubrey really vile. I was rooting for her and Lisa that season.

    Flavour of Love: Charm School.was hilariously trashy.
  15. In actuality, I don't consider The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice "trash tv".
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