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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. I'm traveling to Prague end of the week! Any tips?
    I love pop girls music... So which club/bar has that? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone been to Tirana? I need to do a mileage run and Tirana looks super interesting, and cheap af. Just wondering how gay friendly it is.
  3. Not at all.
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  4. Zara.
  5. I’m in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore mostly. Just saw this, not sure if you still need tips but DM me if you do. If not, hope you enjoyed your vacay in SE Asia.
  6. The men/bois in Wien. #Yummy
  7. Going to do some fieldwork with other geography professors in Iceland next weekend for three weeks.

    Some recommendations for the free evenings? I am mostly based around Reykjavik with some overnight stays elsewhere.
  8. Iceland was soooo expensive when I was there last year, but we found some cute bars (including a cute gay one) and an 80s cafe in the main shopping area - which wasn't so big that you could get lost.

    Go lounge in the Blue Lagoon.
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  9. Anyone here been to Auschwitz? I'm going to Krakow in July and wondering whether it's better to book a tour (which is about 7 hours in total) or just book a ticket and bus and take it in my own time?
  10. I did the long 7 hour tour, and it was great. Well great in the emotionally draining kind of way. I think I would have missed a lot without a proper tour guide to explain what had happened in each building as we progressed through the complex.

    Also once you get to Birkenau, you can watch people take Instagram selfies on the tracks. It's totally baffling, especially having just heard the story of all the immensely fucked up things that happened there.
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  11. Yeah, do a tour. The guides really contextualise things properly, and crucially move around so efficiently that it doesn't give you any time to get upset. I found that - my guide at least - made emphasis on the tour being very factual, rather than leaving space for emotion. It was only really afterwards that the experience hit me.
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  12. Get a tour from someone who works there, they're incredible.
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  13. Has anyone been to or lived in Atlanta, I've got to go out there for work, but literally know nothing about the city.
  14. Our school took us when we were 14/15. Harrowing. But important. I'd be really disgusted if the rumours about stag parties going there turned out to be true. I can remember 50 teenagers bawling in unison and absolute silence on the way back to the hostel.

    The other memory that stays with me, curiously, is that during the combined 67 hour bus trip there and back, the only music the bus drivers had was Ace of Base.
  15. I'm going to New York with my boyfriend at the end of the month for about 5 days and I'm after some recommendations that aren't the obvious. We're not going fancy at all, and the only thing we've booked so far is Jagged Little Pill. My boyfriend goes to NY for work (taking pupils) and has done a lot of the tourist stuff but is never allowed to go out/drink when there - and last time I went was when I was underage - so we're nightlife virgins.

    A guide to what the gay bits are like would be super useful, an idea of what kind of places/nights are available etc. We like the full breadth of the gay nightlife world. I keep reading conflicting views on where is good and where isn't.

    Some cute food recommendations, or unusual, underrated excursions and things to do etc would be cool also!
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  16. Watching my flight to Japan take off on FlightRadar24 when the travel agent I booked with hasn’t responded to any of my requests to cancel.

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  17. We were supposed to be going on the Indian Pacific railway today (Sydney to Perth)... which we obviously had to cancel and send the in-laws back home to France.

    Painfully first world problems aside, I am enjoying not having to "project forward" to a holiday for a while. No doubt within a couple of weeks I'll be trying to Parcel Post myself somewhere.
  18. RJF


    I've just requested a full refund for my Japan trip.

    Pray for me.
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  19. Always use PayPal when paying for flights kids.
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  20. Or get a free Amex. Both have good dispute mechanisms.
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