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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Oh I loooooved Lisbon when I last visited, I jsut love the old and new style of Lisbon kind of mixed in together. They have modernised it quite a bit but still left some of the old parts of lisbon to maintain its history, the weather was wonderful, hot hot hot :)
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  2. I was in Lisbon during Eurovision and most of all I got asked every 20 seconds if I wanted to buy drugs dddd.
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  3. It was the same when I was there in January to see Madonna. I’ve never been asked if I want to buy drugs so openly and frequently in any other city I’ve visited. But that was really the only downside. Otherwise it’s a beautiful city with great restaurants, lovely neighborhoods, amazing views and lots of things to do. I’d love to go there again!
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  4. Absolutely, beautiful city, beautiful men.
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  5. Time to bump this dusty-ass thread because I'm in the process of thinking about booking some bits and pieces for next spring and summer, in a desperate bid to shift some lockdown depression. Have y'all booked anything yet? What are your next travel plans?

    Edit: also @Trinu 3.0 can you give some recommendations for the Canary Islands?
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  6. Avoid Gran Canaria it's an absolute hole.
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  7. I have heard great things about La Palma, which doesn't seem as tourist crazy...yet. It's a little greener than the other islands and the landscape looks beautiful.
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  8. If you stay away from the towns Lanzarote is beautiful! Some incredible landscapes.
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  9. Hey everyone!
    So I don’t think I’ve posted in this thread before so apologies if this is asked a lot but I would appreciate the help!

    me and my friends want to go to America next year and maybe do two states across a week or two. I basically just wanted to check which states are most LGBTQ friendly. All my friends who I’d be going with are straight females and I’m a gay man, I just want to feel as comfortable as possible. I’ve only ever been to Florida as a kid with family so America is still all very new to me as a destination!
  10. wait how come I just saw this ñññ

    That depends on what you’re after.
    If you want to go to the beach (I guess, cause why would anyone come ññ), the eastern islands are the best: Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. But there is a small offer of night entertainment unless you go to the most touristic places (Corralejo and Puerto del Carmen).

    Gran Canaria has the south (Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles), but it usually super crowded.

    The western islands are greener and they have their share of beaches, but there’s a lot more driving to do in them.
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  11. where are the goats
  12. Getting ahead of myself here, having the audacity to even think of travelling again before COVID ends.


    I want to go to Belfast in 2021. Anyone been there? What's it like? Nice?
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  13. Can’t recommend Belfast enough! Probably biased as my family are from there originally but it’s a great little city. The people are lovely and there’s lots to see and do relating to history and culture.

    Northern Ireland in general also has so much scenery to take in that can be done in a day or two as things aren’t too far from each other mostly.
  14. I live in Belfast, hit me up when you're coming.
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  15. @Vasilios Crete will be on our Green List this Summer - would you recommend Chania or Heraklion? Flights are cheaper to Chania but I don't want to get stuck in a family oriented destination. I don't think mainland Greece is on the list and on your recommendations did Santorini and Mykonos already...
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  16. None of them is reall family oriented so definitely choose Chania if it’s cheaper.

    Can you rent a car? Cause Crete is lovely if you’re up for an adventure. Koko’s beach which is on Crete’s belly as you look at the map is among my favourite beaches ever.
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  17. Brill. Yeah Chania seems a good bit cheaper. I can’t drive but maybe I’ll rope in a friend to come with me who can. Thank you.
  18. Damn autocorrect, it's Komos beach, this:


    Those cute turtles are the reason this is a fave beach of mine because it means no loud music, not party people, no cars etc. It's so quiet. There is a canteen selling water, coffee etc nearby. And sometimes there's cruising going on behind the trees hehe. I swear I didn't know about this, I discovered when I went.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. You've sold me, that looks gorgeous.
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