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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. I’m in Portree on the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides eating a haggis roll. Phew Miss Scotland is iconic I’ve been sleeping on her for too long.
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  2. Check out the Fairy Glen!
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  3. I'm off to Belfast next weekend, appreciate any recommendations especially for eating out!
  4. I went to Howard St in June and it was excellent, had an amazing steak and everyone I was with enjoyed their food.

    I've also heard Revolucion de Cuba is great for food and cocktails, but haven't been myself.
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  5. I recommend Jumon!
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  6. I’m going to La Palma in the Canaries in October, if anybody has any tips that would be perfect! Currently thinking of going to Los Tilos and doing some diving. Would love to go out on some kind of boat but can’t see much online!
  7. I was able to take a break from teaching duties since we are on a mid-winter break! My best friend just got a new car and we drove down the Oregon Coast to California to pick up a bed platform/storage and drove right back up. I'm still kind of sketched out to travel international but a quick road trip along the coast is something I would recommend folks do if they have the time to do so!
    If you want to see some random clips I pieced together of the views and whatnot, I compiled this on the drive back since I didn't have reception for a good chunk of the time:
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  8. Has anyone been to the Antalya area of Turkey, or Turkey in general? Any recommendations of resorts to stay in? What's people's general thoughts on Turkey? I'm just unsure because I've never been.

    I'm looking at going there next year for some cosmetic surgery but I'd really like a holiday beforehand too nn.
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  9. Do you drive? I was there last month and this is the nicest Airbnb I've ever stayed in.
  10. I do!

    That looks so beautiful, I want peace and quiet and it looks so peaceful! I'd never even thought about an Airbnb!
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  11. Mount Olympos?


    Yeah it's a fantastic airbnb.

    Good luck with the p*nis enlargement @MusicLover1994 nn
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  12. I swear if one more person makes that joke! Ddd.

    I'm actually going for a hair transplant because my hairline is receding and my crown is thinning and I want to get on top of that nn.
  13. I knew it'd be hair everyone goes for hair there dd. But cheeky joke is cheeky nn
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  14. I’m heading to The Hague next month for work but will be going a few days earlier to see the sights. It’s my first trip off this horrid British island since 2019! If anyone has any good spots I should check out or places to eat, I’d really appreciate it!
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  15. I'm heading to London at the end of May to spend a little bit of time to see the fabulous Sugababes and Agnes at Mighty Hoopla. I was wondering if anyone here has caught Eurostar to do train travel to the surrounding countries? I only learned about it and I'm obsessed with the idea. Is it better the use their travel+accommodation packages or just to do both separately?
  16. Does anyone have any good food recommendations for Brussels? Somewhere suited for a milestone birthday but not going to break the bank!
  17. Eurostar is really easy but you should book as far in advance as possible as the gals jump those prices up the closer it gets. Personally I would sort your own accommodation out as it's a bit more flexible.

    It's super simple to go to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam from London. Once you're actually on mainland Europe train travel is a piece of piss, everything is very well connected. I've done lots of different countries by train so just ask if you need any tips.
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  18. going iceland arent i babes
  19. Go to Antwerp instead, it's much better.
  20. Heyooooooo. So my friends and I are planning our trip to London & Manchester for the Confetti Tour on 7 May in Manchester (woohoo matinee's!) Its been 5 years since Ive been London (I also studied there 12 years ago), and never been to Manchester. We're putting together some ideas for the trip so wanted to source any recommendations or suggestions!!

    We'll be staying in London the whole time, so likely taking the train to Manchester on Saturday 7 May for the matinee show - what's the best way to get there? Assuming train, but curious the best route, line, etc (Our airbnb is in Paddington).

    Also any tips for new London's spots, and things to do after the show is Manchester is welcomed :) We're also planning on doing Mama Mia The Party (my friend is a huge ABBA/MM fan), along with &Juliet (bc Max Martin duh)
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