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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Book the train to Manchester now. Train prices in the UK are horrendously expensive, but if you book now it should still be reasonable. Prices will shoot up between now and May 7th. There are fast and slow trains, but neither is cheaper than the other so just get the most direct one you can find.

    If you're not pushed for time returning, the bus is very cheap but it also takes about 5 hours.
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  2. Ok good to know, thanks! Is there a preferred train line or way to book? Since we're seeing the matinee, we'll be done around dinner and we're thinking of knocking around Manchester a bit for the evening. We don't have a place to stay there, so another direct train back to London would be preferable.
  3. I use The fastest trains take around 2-2.5 hours between London and Manchester.
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  4. Perfect, thank you!!! London to Manchester Picadilly looks easier since it's a direct shot, then 20 min walk to the arena (while Victoria is closer to the arena, we'd have to transfer. Would like to avoid that).
  5. If you’re train to Manchester Piccadilly says Manchester Central Zone on it, just take the Bury line tram to Victoria from Manchester Piccadilly train station. It’s downstairs from the main concourse when you arrive and the trams are every 12 minutes!
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  6. Okay double post but I’m currently on the beach in Dubrovnik sunning myself and me and my boyfriend are looking at booking another holiday for next month.

    We’re thinking Greek islands, Cyprus or Cape Verde. Main requirements are plenty of sun, hot (by British standards so like 22 degrees and up) and a nice, sandy beach.

    Anyone have any advice on whereabouts of will meet these criteria best? Not sure which Greek island would be best but was looking at Kos as a potential. Though Cape Verde looks attractive for being reasonably priced and the heat/sun looks reliable.
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  7. Pretty much any of the European holiday destinations will have warm / hot weather then and Cape Verde is nice year round so you can’t really go wrong weather wise!
    Kos is meant to be lovely.
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  8. We're going to Kos this summer!
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  9. Looking into more I think we’ll likely go to Kos in June ultimately because the flight times are better from Manchester and we have to travel on a specific date due to us only have 1 specific 7 day period which we are both free of other commitments ddd. Based on what @ry123 said though about the weather in Cape Verde being hot year round, we might try bag a last minute deal in early September!
  10. Ladies - what should I visit if I go to Athens?
  11. Any recommendations for a week in Europe in mid July please? Trying to find somewhere that is très classé and sophistiqué for 3 gays in their mid 40s-early 50s, which has access to gay bars for like 2 or 3 nights out of 7. Never done anything like Sitges or Mykonos and not sure I fancy it?
  12. Spain would be perfect. Gran Canaria (Riu Maspalomas), Malaga/Marbella is great too.
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  13. Brussels! I’m here now and it’s amazing.

    Also Greece has Naxos, Paros, Tinos, Santorini outside of Mykonos (which is amazing though, light years better than Sitges or Maspalomas etc)
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  14. Why are hotels suddenly so crazy expensive? Pent up demand, I guess?
  15. Two years of a pandemic sweety, where tourism went to zero and will hardly recover for at least a few years.
    This applies to flying tickets too.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Any dining recommendations in London? I’m down to try anything really.
  17. Still trying to wrap my head around the non-logic (at this point in the pandemic) of requiring a Covid test to fly back into the United States, but flying to Canada and driving into the United States doesn’t require one.
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  18. I guess to try and appease the transborder folks.
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  19. The city is massive so it's got every iteration of every foodstuff you could possibly want – if you narrow it down by location/cuisine/preference I can drop some tips.
  20. I'm doing Pisa and Florence next week if anyone has any good recommendations for those spots. I'd ideally like some good restaurants to avoid the tourist traps!
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