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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

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    Thanks! I probably should've specified food types.

    I'm gonna be out and about so I can travel just about anywhere. I'd love to find some great Asian, Italian, and maybe some Spanish places. Also, some cute coffee or tea (boba/bubble too!) shops and breakfast places.

    I'm staying near Leyton but I'll probably be making my way closer to Central London anyways. @Lila already gave me some great recs near Brixton and Islington, so I'm pretty much down to travel wherever.
  2. Hey travel peeps.
    Has anyone got any recommendations for Madeira in Portugal? (We’re staying in Funchal)

    Restaurants or cool things to do?
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  3. Leyton isn't particularly lit for food but Dalston is an easy hop (Central line to Stratford, change for the Overground). Most stuff is on Kingsland Road itself.

    Try Kakki Katsu or Brilliant Corners for Japanese stuff, Mildred's for colourful Asian and Korean inspired vegan/veggie stuff, Lissome for Italian, Jones & Sons or Brunswick East for breakfast/brunch. Have afternoon drinks and read a book in Dalston Curve Garden. For a traditional English greasy spoon cafe/fried breakfast try Leo's. For queery things Dalston Superstore and The Glory (further south towards Haggerston) are fun.

    For bubble tea there's a few popular spots around Chinatown and Soho, as well as some really good general restaurants and pubs (too many to recommend) – have a root around on Google Maps and you'll find some fun places.
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Thank you! I'll definitely check them out!

    I already remember a lot of the Soho bars you recommended the last time I was there so I'll be checking those out again, as well as the bubble tea spots!
  5. @ladylloyd DJs at Ku which you must visit while in Soho
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  6. If you're staying in Leyton, I'd definitely recommend Singburi in neighbouring Leytonstone. Possibly the best Thai food I've had outside of Thailand.
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    I will take your word for it since I loooove Thai. Thank you!
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  8. Ladies, what should I visit in Athens (not including the very essentials, which I know already)?
  9. Any recommendations for Stockholm? I'm off there next month. (Of course I'm doing the ABBA museum)
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  10. In terms of? I lived there for a long time.
  11. Architecture, places to eat, anything off the beaten track would be wonderful!
  12. There isn't a ton of "stuff" to do, but it's an amazing to place to go and relax. Slussen is really nice for cute shops and coffeehouses and you can just wander around. Djurgården (where the ABBA museum is) is worth a walk around too - very relaxing. Hagaparken always holds a special place in my heart.

    My suggestions are quite nature related because Stockholm is a very nature related city in my experience. My experiences of restaurants in a normal price range is eh (but I've eaten at some incredible high end places if your budget can go there, Lilla Ego is exceptionally good). Lillebrors Bageri in Vasastan is exceptional for baked goods, and Brod and Salt is also pretty good and they're located around the city.
  13. Quite close to the Abba museum there is the Vasa Museum, it‘s a shunken ship that you can look at on several decks. I found it very interesting. There are many musuems in Stockholm if that is your thing. The area around Mordern museum is nice to walk around too.

    Skansen is a beautiful park.

    Generally that whole „island“ Djurgarden is beautiful. We actually rented a bike and drove for a couple of hours around it, really nice.

    Gamla Stan is a beautiful part to experience in Stockholm too.
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  14. Can't remember how much it cost but we once spent a day just checking out all the cool art around Stockholm's metro stations, if you're into that.
  15. I'm going to Pride in Denmark... Of course I wanna see the little mermaid (even thought it's really small), any other (gay) tips?
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  16. Might as well throw in my question too: has anyone been to the Seychelles? Are they worth it?
  17. I'm trying to decide between Austria, Northern Italy, or Slovenia for a solo road trip in August (might do two). I'm interested in the alps, lakes, and charming towns obviously. I want it to be relaxing but also adventurous. Ideally some hiking that is easy to moderate, since I'll be alone. And wondering if Budapest or Prague/Cesky Republic is worth adding on as well. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions! I'm struggling so hard to come to a decision despite countless hours researching.
  18. Slovenia is stunning and really affordable. Highly recommend it. Feel free to PM me for ideas. We did Lake Bled as well as the area around it. You can easily get there from Ljubljana by car. Not sure about public transport.

    Also been to Lake Garda and that's a great area too, if a bit over touristy.
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  19. I just spent a long weekend in Budapest and I think I want to move here dddd wishing for my flight to be cancelled
  20. Stockholm is amazing. For a weekend.
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