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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. I'm going to Sicily for 2 weeks then Florence/ Cinque Terre for another in August. Any recommendations?
  2. Our flop faves when the label panics and sends her to Sweden for three gruelling weeks to try and write a hit:
  3. Caroline Polachek
  4. Ooh, I'm going at the end of July for a few days, so would love to get some recommendations for good food, bars and activities if you have any.
  5. Siracusa in Sicily is stunning, beautiful architecture and amazing food. You can't really go wrong with ordering pasta with aubergine or fish, it's good pretty much everywhere. If I remember correctly, Apollonion is the name of the restaurant that serves only a fish tasting menu, but it's one of the best meals I've ever had (obviously only go if you like fish ddd).
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Any new Glasgow tips would be lovely? I’ll be there in November for three days and London otherwise.

    This (London) place looks great already
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  7. Sam


    Dels and Polo x
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  8. I'm going to London for the very first time in late August and though exploring the city will obviously be my biggest goal, I of course want to go out. Are there certain gay clubs that anyone recommends? I know it's ridiculous and a bit of a pipe dream but in my fantasies, The Boy Does Nothing plays followed by a Girls Aloud bop and then a random British lost hit like Left My Heart in Tokyo...
  9. GAY late those are very doable. I think you can request songs too?
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  10. Being a teacher has its perks and rather than working summer school, I decided to take the whole 2 months off! Around the same time, though, I also broke up with my partner at the beginning of June and it's been rough but, because I had the time off, I was able to visit family back home in California (home of the biggest Vietnamese population in Little Saigon), bounce down to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico (great for the art scene, beaches, food, and friendly folks that were so patient and helpful with my Spanish) and visit a very good friend in Hawaii (we did a few hikes: Koko Head Trail and St. Louis Trail and I ate a lot of pastries), which have all done wonders during the mending process.

    Because of the break-up, I've been more intentional with not being on any dating apps and have put all my energy into trying to be as present with the people I was with throughout these trips and to eat all the good food I could get my hands on. With that being said, I always enjoy capturing little vignettes throughout my travels and wanted to share it here!
  11. Hey, I'm visiting New York for like 10-14 days in october.
    Any hotel recommendations for 2 persons?
    We would like to be quite central but also don't want to pay tooooo much. But we don't want to go into a hostel or something.
    Thank you in advance
  12. I'm in NYC for a few weeks in September! Is there any iconic restaurants/food trucks not to miss?
  13. If you're on a budget Pod51/Pod 39 are decent options that feel a step up from a hostel.
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  14. Almost everyone i know loves to hang out in the bushwick area of brooklyn, easily the "trendiest" place i can think of, but my personal favourite is definitely Park slope, which isn't too far from there. very chill vibes and lots of hole-in-the-wall cafes where everyone is super nice in manhattan, i'm a fan of koreatown near penn station, if you're into lots of asian food.
    My recommendations
    For brunch: Tavern on the Green, The Wild Son, Banter, Jack’s Wife Freda and Prune Para
    For dinner: Chinese Tuxedo, Rezdôra, Via Carota, Cote, Para tragos, Oscar Wilde and Apotheke
  15. I haven't been to New York since 6th grade but the best eclairs, cannolis, and lobster tails (they're a pastry!) has been at La Bella Ferrara.
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  16. Any advice for a first time solo traveller? I’m thinking the week of 7th November, flying from Scotland. Probably somewhere like Tenerife/Gran Canaria. I’m a little wary about it but also really want to try it.
  17. Solo traveling is awesome, but those places are more beach/ drinking to me. If you have a city break like Paris or Barcelona you'll have a lot to walk around and see and opportunities to meet people in the evening.
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  18. I'd add doing research about the place where you want to go a bit further and pinpoint certain areas or activities you may want to do will help you see and appreciate the place you're visiting. If you can speak the language of the country you're going to is a really great way to make small talk with others and also shows that you are trying to connect with the culture there. Also, try going out to eat on your own and you may meet others who are traveling solo or are just visiting as well!
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  19. I travel alone a lot. I'm more of a city-break person (usually selected on the basis of a cheap/convenient flight TBH. If you're happy to stay in a hostel, you will probably meet other people in the common areas, if you want people to hang out with.

    Personally I tend to eat at lunch-time, which is purely because I have the irrational idea that eating lunch alone is normal but eating dinner alone is strange. The good thing about a city is that an evening walk/people watching from a cafe is usually possible.
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  20. Yeah I’ve travelled alone a good bit and I agree, city breaks are easier as there’s usually more things to see and do. But if you want to just chill by a pool or beach for a week by yourself then absolutely do you!

    Hostels are really great for meeting people if you’re into that, they usually have tours and pub crawls you can join.
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