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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Okay early drinks at Monolithos, clubbing at Madres, swim at Katsouni and the next beach, eat everywhere but make sure you eat at Roukounas beach. Book stays early. Would recommend renting a car too.
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  2. Dd I was just looking at taking a random lastminute trip somewhere and.. the price of accommodation everywhere is insane? Like, literally everywhere in Europe right through October? The tourism industry really said "we're going to claw back as much cash as possible this summer and you'll deal".
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  3. I booked a Berlin stay for 3 nights three months ago and it was €260 (a lovely boutique 4 star hotel in the best area). I went to add one night just now and the extra night is €325 dd.
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  4. I'm in Sicily right now and accomodation is actually very affordable.
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  5. Yeah but its Sicily

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  6. What kinds are you looking for?
  7. Has anyone been to Albania before? I'm staying in Vlorë for a week in the middle of September.

    Any tips, suggestions would be welcome. I asked a friend who has been before and they said we should cancel our booking. Loool.
  8. Booked Disney World May 2023, I'm so excited!
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  9. I would definitely choose the Apuglia region. I visited there in 2018 and it was quite possibly the best holiday I've had.

    We flew into Bari, and drove down and stayed in Locorotondo in a stunning resort called Ottolire. The neighbouring towns and villages are equally stunning and picturesque, Alberobello (famous for their Trullis), Fassano, Martina Franca and Ostuni (where Madonna went on to celebrate her birthday last year and I think this year). We actually dined in the same restaurant she was in last year when she celebrated.

    You also have the famous Polignano a Mare coastline and Matera which is home to Sassi di Matera, a UNESCO Heritage site featuring a complex of cave dwellings carved into the ancient river canyon.

    We also drove south and visited Taranto and Lecce, which are all easily doable.

    We were initially going for a chilled holiday but then on the second day the weather took a turn (for the rest of the holiday too) so we decided to go sightseeing instead. I'm glad we did as we saw so much.

    Italy is one of those countries that i adore and can never get enough of.

  10. I loved Albania! Berat and Gjirokaster were the highlights for me but it's definitely an underrated destination.
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  11. I am planing to go there around Halloween 2023! Never been there but to Disneyland Paris and Anaheim.
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  12. Never been to any Disney park, I'm SO excited. Although I realised last night we booked it over Eurovision week on the year it's coming to the UK nn. Never mind, I would rather be in Disney World to be honest
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  13. I believe it's the new Croatia.

    My friend just went and had an absolute nightmare with public transport/getting around, but she was backpacking off the beaten track, so probably not what most people are doing.
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  14. Hey,
    I'm going to see the Sugababes in Manchester on 21st next month. Before and after that, I'll be in London. Since about 3 weeks I'm trying to book train tickets and I don't have any luck. Most sites don't have any tickets (tickets available soon - when is soon? Not even the Sugababes know). And the ONLY ticket back to London on the 22nd is actually a little too late (I'd be in London at 9:34 am and I need to be somewhere at 10.)
    Any ideas on this? I can't believe that there are no tickets available anywhere.

    Thanks in advance
  15. The London > Manchester route is exclusively run by Avanti who are an absolute mess at the moment and not in an iconic way, so they are only putting most tickets on sale around a week before travel dates, once they know exactly which trains they are running. So if you keep checking through October you'll find they're on sale at some point. It's nothing to panic about, just extremely annoying.
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  16. Thank you! I was actually panicking haha

    EDIT: I just looked on the avanti website and they actuqlly don't sell train tickets for the weekend!?
  17. This weekend and next weekend there's a rail strike on, so they won't be selling tickets, and it's too far in advance for the other weekends. For your dates, just keep checking throughout October and they will appear on the website at some point. You can set up a ticket alert too.
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  18. The West Coast Mainline is a nightmare - even when there's no strikes, staff are refusing to do any overtime so they cancel trains constantly.

    I don't know if the route is any better, but might be worth looking at going via Leicester? You'd probably have to book two separate tickets though (so London>Leicester, Leicester>Manchester). It's a different operator, but they might be just as bad in terms of realiabilty.

    There's always the Megabus!
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  19. @_saturday_ As above – personally I would have the Avanti route as your primary option for travel and book tickets for that when you can, but there are other routes you can have as a backup should anything bad happen. Even though Avanti run the London > Manchester route, there are multiple other ways you can get to Manchester by changing in different cities (Crewe, Leicester, etc) that run on different train operators. Trainsplit is a really good resource for this.

    National Express/Megabus are a decent third option too though will obviously be slow.

    Make sure you leave enough time on the way up there so even if your train is delayed or you need to go via a different city that you're not missing the show.
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  20. I recently went to London and back from Manchester going via Crewe, slightly longer but big difference in price! Train split is a good shout as post above says, or there’s also splitmyfare.
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