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Travis Scott - FRANCHISE

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. His last album was massive - and absolutely fantastic. Interested to see what this is like and how it does.

  2. Perched-ish.
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  3. ASTROWORLD was amazing and I'm here for this
  4. I’m READY.
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  5. Sicko Mode was a biT of a game-changer so I'm also
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  6. Also, Yosemite. Whew...what an album.
  7. This is a bop!

  8. Wait...did this leak months ago?

    Legit a mood:
  9. Straight in at Number 1 on Billboard 100.

    Would it have happened without the associated Kylie drama though?
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  10. Would Astroworld
  11. This song is so boring.
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  12. Astroworld was BOP after BOP though. This is just....there. It feels like an album track or outtake from the last album.
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  13. It probably helped, but he has great momentum from his last album.

    I agree that this song feels a bit... there though.
  14. I meant would Astroworld have done as well without Kylie promo.

    I LOVE Highest In The Room, my most played track recently.
    Goes well with the new Diana Gordon single.
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  15. New project out tonight:

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  16. We need another collab!

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  18. His third number one.
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