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Troop Beverly Hills is 30 years old!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by torontodj, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. I can remember my mum renting this on VHS for us, what a classic.
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  2. HE PERMED ME!!!
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  3. Iconic. Terrifying. Best scary story ever.
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  4. Effing love this movie.

    "Where are you guys from, Mars?"
    "Worse... Beverly Hills!"
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  5. I used to rent this so much as a kid not watched in years but still specifically remember howling at the girl in the car Excuse me officer don't you know who this man is...

    Loved Stephanie Beachams turn as a Jackie Collins type with a secret tape recorder aswell haha that woman just was not used enough in Hollywood.

    Must rewatch.
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  6. This makes me so happy. Troop Beverly Hills is in my top 5 all-time favorite movies, and I can never get tired of quoting it.

    "I may be a beginner in some things, but I've got a black belt in shopping!"

  7. Don't forget about how iconic it is that Jenny Lewis stars in this film!
  8. I loved this film. And Stephanie Beacham and Mary Gross were also amazing in it.

    "It's like a scene from the Valley of the Dolls." (or something like that I haven't seen it in years) and she walks in on Phyllis drowning herself in Evian. Ha.

    I'm going to buy this today.

    I didn't realise Tori Spelling was in it!
  9. I love how Carla Gugino duped the producers into casting her even though she was 18, she clearly hated playing a child for a lot of it.
  10. Shelley Morrison (Rosario) is in this as Rosa the maid!

  11. Wow Cookie time girl can still sing...
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  12. When Shelley falls into the pool yelling "HELP ME I'M DROWNING" before realizing it's only waist-deep remains one of my favourite ever comedy scenes ever.

    Also: "You get lost in your walking closet..."

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  14. Jenny Lewis is a MUST.
    One of the greatest modern musicians.

  15. Absolute soundtrack, when will your faves?!?
  16. The LOOKS Miss Phyllis turns...


    how this didn't win an Oscar for Wardrobe Design is beyond me...
  17. Oh child, this just brings so many ideas of Phyllis as the iconique grandma swooping in on Hannah's daughter's troop to whip those gherls into proper shape

    I hope they recreate this 'gardening with glamour' outfit, because it's my favorite one in the movie.

    'oh SHIT, I broke a nail!'

  18. I would love to see Shelley on the big screen again. I've always hated how she was treated for trying to make the leap to the big screen. She did it at a time when there was such a divide between film and television. Misogyny didn't help either.

    People thought she was stupid for leaving Cheers to attempt a career in film. Yet she gave Cheers five years and 123 episodes. Who could blame her for trying? And she made some fun films that I still love today - The Brady Bunch Movie (and the iconic sequel), Outrageous Fortune, Irreconcilable Differences, and of course, Troop Beverly Hills.

    Would love to see her triumph in another film. She's so underrated.
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