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Troye Sivan - Angel Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. A new single titled Angel Baby is on the way.

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  2. Beyond ready for a new single if it pushes farther into the In a Dream soundscape.
  3. Love
    Hurry up and come and save me!
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  4. Wait at the iconic angel wing photo shoot coming back in his instastories and hopefully aesthetically inspiring the new single!!!!
  5. Wait, what's the deal with this being published by Italians Do It Better?
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  6. Sounds gorgeous
  7. jtm


    Ooh this is exactly what I want from him. He‘s going from strength to strength.
  8. This sounds amazing!
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  9. Avoiding all teasers but excited this is coming soon!
  10. This sounds amazing, just what I want from him! Loving that the Bloom blonde is back too.
  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Not Troye coming for Lil Nas X's power bottom crown dddd.

    Straights found quickly searching Urban Dictionary.
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  12. I don't want any more ballads from him nn but kinda perched after that last EP
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  13. It's giving me "Lucky Strike", mid-tempo-ish groove & I'm here for it.
  14. But what we really need is an album with 12 different versions of "Stud". Keep the power ballads to the deluxe version!
  15. This sounds fantastique. King is on a great run of form lately.
  16. What straights?
  17. I just hope he makes another full lenght album, he could pick up some tracks from In a Dream EP (probably the singles) and add new songs like this one and make a great body of work.
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  18. In A Dream was definitely his best project to date. Hopefully this continues to head in that direction.
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