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Troye Sivan - Angel Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Aug 26, 2021.

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  2. Angel Baby does lift heavily from its inspirations but it still works for me? That post chorus has been lodged in my head all week.
  3. I just realized what it’s reminding me of besides Berlin and it’s Strawberries and Cigarettes!
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  4. These last few songs are good but also unfinished a bit?
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  5. For those that like to keep track of alternate artwork, this old photo of Troye seems to be being used in some regions:

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  6. Is this doing anything for him? I would love to see Troye back on the charts!
  7. Angel Booty
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  8. Music video out Wednesday

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  9. I don't know about charts but Spotify tells me he's getting over 20 million listeners a month and that seems pretty impressive.
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  10. ^But sadly not with this song, Angel Baby has done absolutely zero.
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  11. I haven't been a Troye Sivan fan really. His first two albums did not evoke a lot of feeling for me personally. I didn't bother with his In a Dream EP, although perhaps I should since it looks like y'all like it.

    I loved "You", and I also really love this. I never felt like the production of his music was really great enough to pull me in honestly until these two songs. His voice is always so calm, and then the production is always so calm... It's a little sleepy for me, maybe I should revisit. But these two songs are catchy. And this being the gay(er) Take My Breath Away, He's maintaining his sadboy pop but the production is actually doing it for me now. And the music video has some pretty imagery.
    It's definitely the first Troye song that made me feel something.
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  12. rdp


    The video is kinda giving me Lana's Ride sans 10-minute monologue about America. I'm stanning
  13. How can this not make you feel something?

  14. Blue Neighbourhood is still pretty bulletproof for me. Bloom was discouraging overall but I'm glad he got back on track with the EP.
  15. The black and white shots were giving

  16. I love the visuals, but the music itself is just really not my vibe. I love some sadgirl/sadboy pop music but I don't know. Maybe it just felt a little bit too teenage love story at the time? And the production of it just never blew me away.
  17. I think if You and Angel Baby are up your alley then definitely give In A Dream a listen! "Stud" and the title track are far from sad boy pop songs even if those are still my favorite from him (10/10 being exactly that!)
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