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Troye Sivan - Bloom (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. My My My! and The Good Side are out and about. Album's coming "in Spring" because vagueposting is/was a thing on Tumblr probably. Title's anyone's guess. The optimal time to jump in the bandwagon would be right about now.

    Troye has shared on twitter that he's working on his sophomore LP and it seems like he's again pulling a Lorde and taking the time to make sure it's perfect before releasing, which: awesome, just don't take five years to announce a release for six months later, tnx.

    I know he doesn't get a whole lot of love here, but his music is amazing to me and I'm thirsty for the new album, especially after There For You, hence the new thread. Here's hoping he manages to avoid The Slump and release some good music/visuals.
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  2. I don't know why, but I'm cackling.

    I'm also very excited for new music.
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  3. It's good to know someone has picked up the "my fans are so amazing they make me WEEP" baton from Gargamel.
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  4. Well, cutesy twink is his whole shtick, so it's entirely in character, at least.
  5. They shouldn't have even thrown the Garrix collab out there if there's no immediate release plan for his album
  6. I think Troye's debut is loved around here actually. It was definitely one of my favourite albums of 2015 if nothing else.

    If he could get the album out later this year then that would be amazing but if isn't until early next year that's fine as well. He really didn't finish the campaign for Blue Neighbourhood that long ago.
  7. It's great to see people who like him, maybe I was just projecting because he wasn't well received in my country, which is a shame. I'm hoping for a 2017 release as well but I don't feel like that's too realistic. Maybe we'll get at least the lead single.
  8. 2020 release date comfoirmed.
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  9. Definitely. Amazing album, amazing visuals, fresh video approach and amazing live.
  10. Whew said there's no love for him here. I fucking love Blue Neighbourhood. My gripe with him about that album is he didn't put the ICONIC Swimming Pools in the deluxe edition. That song is amazing.
  11. I fucking love you, SWIMMING POOLS is beyond amazing.
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  12. Swimming Pools is one of my favourites from the album.
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  13. Swimming Pools deserves so much more than Japan Bonus Track status.
  14. I don't think that Troye and his team have much say in Martin's release schedule. Regardless though, it's a good way to keep his name out there while he works on his sophomore album.
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  15. Give me 12 Lost Boy's tbh
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  16. Bussy?
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  18. Was it ever pointed out he's blonde now?
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  19. 'Talk Me Down' came on shuffle this morning and I forgot about it for a bit but wow.
  20. That Heaven song (produced by Grimes no less!) is bloody amazing.
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