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Troye Sivan - Bloom (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Jun 10, 2017.

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  1. Chalri XCX:
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  2. RJF


    Does she even though
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  3. In the woods mainly.
  4. In a flawless white power suit
  5. Ready for ha "Woman Of The Woods" actually dear god please no.
  6. You know what...if it would convince Atlantic to actually release an album *grabs overalls*
  7. I sound like such a hater, I know, & I'd better hit 'Reply' before someone screams "Jealously! Self-hating!" but Troye just isn't really doing it for me. He's trying so hard, which I find rather endearing, but for someone who can't even convincingly sell "pop star", this whole "shocking! daring! militantly androgynous gay pop star!" vibe really isn't working out.

    I know what he's trying to serve. It's genuinely cute, & Perfume Genius did it all really well in a few of his last music videos. But my entire reaction to all of it isn't the excitement I was hoping for, just "......I guess."
  8. The video made me remember (and watch) the video for the sugababes' Denial so the promo kinda worked (for somebody else but it worked)
  9. Oh wait at him pulling me back in by finally doing the fags justify.
    Y'all can keep that masc4masc "my European sugar daddy threatens to take away my allowance anytime I say YAS" outloud album cover. I'm here for Ms. Sivan getting her twirl on.
  10. I finally watched it. It’s not terrible. Very Baby’s First Perfume Genius Video. But I just kept wishing it was Tilda Swinton instead.
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  11. rdp


    I think it's a pretty good video, even if a bit too "behind-the-scenes of a magazine cover shoot". It's simple but very well directed & all the looks are great too.
  12. Not you evoking Edward II.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. The video is visually stunning, but it's also quite dull. I agree with everyone who called it a glorified photoshoot. However, basically any screenshot from the music video would make for a more interesting album cover than the one that we got.

    It does feel like a natural progression from the "My My My" video though, with its 80s New Wave aesthetics.
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  14. I actually like the whole retro photoshoot aesthetic.
  15. It was me. But it wasn´t meant as an insult. A poor mans Teenage Dream ist still a solid pop song.
    I like the video too.
  16. Glad to have watched the video before coming on here. Y’all are ruthless
  17. I don't love it BUT I respect him for being a millenial and bold and kooky and SUPER gay! Good on him! The more the merrier.
  18. He really thought he had us gagged with the floral gown and gimp mask lerk at the end, huh? The whole thing is distinctly Velourian.

    Anyway. If y'all want some queer video content that's actually fly, sexy, beautiful, artistic and playful, this came out a month ago
  19. Am I missing something?
    What's sexy about this?
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  20. Can we keep talk of other artists to their own threads and get back on discussing how absolutely trash this campaign is?
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