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Troye Sivan - Bloom (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. JON for BPG rate 2018? Gender is a construct, you know the rest.
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  2. Surely there’s a Sam Sparro or Jake Shears record for you to spin?
  3. S Club Otter found rotting
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    Aw, I wish.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Next Troye vid inspo please.
  6. Kii at the trailer for the first season introducing me to St Lucia.
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  7. Full circle.
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  8. My nickname in prison. I didn't get it.
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  9. oh.
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  10. (Imagery reminds me of this as well. It's the shimmer.)
  11. Finally watched this: LOVE.

    (And I miss Herb Ritts.)
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  12. Why do we need our pop stars to look like models when the world is already full of white mediocrity?
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  13. I'm not the best with words so I'm not gonna go in-depth, but the gist of it is that this discussion is a bit of a mess, but not entirely unwarranted. More varied representation & for gay artists to stop holding back for the sake of a hit is all I want. I'd also like for the gays to stop buying into straight men serving us a "Gay Rights! - Jennifer Lawrence" tea.

    Anyway, I hope they give us an album preorder with this new song. I'm tired of everyone fucking around with album release dates. Just give it to us sis.
  14. I love this to bits. Its an amazing song, the video is even better. And I think someone else mentioned this: The "I want to be with him and want to be him"-Factor is high with this one, which makes it all the more confusing. Like this is what I would do as a pop star.

    Also: Best song of the year, the best thing since "The Cure" obliterated me in April last year.

    I also tried to use my powerful love for this song to persuade the music editors (who are in charge of what makes it onto a playlist) at the radio station I work for in Germany to give this one a shot.

    The result: Its going on night rotation. If it becomes a real hit, I'm sure it will get its well deserved daytime airtime. The still play "Happy Little Pill" at night, and the Martin Garrix song with Troye got a couple of plays.

    Anyway, this is me (bodytype at least) dancing at a club, feeling my oats. Werking that gray hair.


    Now which is it: Do I want to be him or have him? Still so confused.
  15. I don’t know much about Troye or his music but I’m oddly emotional about this? Like, finally something that feels personally relevant and free and fun and effortless.
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  16. Same sis. Glad I got the mom jeans last summer.
  17. Cute video. The gayest thing about it is the gay pornstar in it. Otherwise it's just a moody photoshoot featuring good use of fans and over-sized shirts. Song is fine too. It works.
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  18. We have decided to stan forever. We’ll never be sick of her hoe ass
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  19. I miss FameJON
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