Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

well as far as my issue goes, it is how the industry and media props (or propped during Bloom) as this gay star of we needed and him actively playing onto that but the material turning up to be shallow and not inclusive .

It is not totally his fault but let’s not act like people are doing too much for asking for very valid issues due to the dressing and buzz around his career.
Not that the criticism about the lack of body variety in the video isn't valid, but did Troye actually ever say the video was supposed to be "a love letter to the community" like people keep repeating? Because all I can see is that one tweet saying one of the album's themes is community, and like, not only is that about the album, not the song/video, it's literally not even referring to the LGBTQ+ community specifically, just the sense of community, which is completely different. It's just a bit weird so much of the criticism seems to be based on Troye supposedly saying something which, as far as I can tell, he never actually did.

I think a lot of the discourse specifically in this thread has hinged on that synopsis and it's definitely open to interpretation. I was going to ask yesterday whether his statement was being taken out of context but I love mess.


The entire motif of the song and video are centered around a cultural quirk that some men who have sex with men decide to huff what is essentially brain-killing paint thinner for the sole purpose of it tricking the sphincter into relaxing to make rough, aggressive anal sex both more comfortable and pleasurable. The rush being sung about is not about the beauty of the movement of dance.

Sorry can we just revisit this? I’m fucking screeching asjfksk
I mean, even if you think it "gives that impression", it's literally not what he's talking about fF
Pedantry like "he said community, not THE community" reveals itself to be just as reactionary and angry as the alleged discourse people are claiming exists, especially when the discourse is really just twitter jokes and memes at Troye's expense ("expense") and the expense of people who look like him physically who apparently feel a way at what I guess was meant to be a MOMENT (!) for muscular gay men really just not being that special or socially important after all dd.

And even if one feels Troye hasn't done too much, the response to these memes has essentially been "IT'S SICK GIVEN THE TIMES WE'RE IN THAT LGBT PEOPLE CAN'T FIND IT IN THEM TO SUPPORT ONE OF OUR OWN UST CAUSE THEY DON'T GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT!!!". Troye Sivan singing about sucking dick and cock is not going to stop SCOTUS from rolling back gay marriage dd?

He's basically experiencing the stan twitter version of getting this kind of ratio: