Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

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Now why does this sound hot

The video left us with an important conversation at least. Because there is a lot of hypocrisy in the community, Troye just shows how is the community behaviour in almost 80% of the time. It's something that needs to be talked a lot more.
This conversation has been present for years. I'm not going to credit Troye with anything around it.

I wasn't giving any credit to Troye Sivan. Don't twist words, first read.

It's going on for years but not for the majority of the community, it's hypocrital to think otherwise.
This thread is living proof that the queer community will eat itself alive.
It's funny how the backlash to the backlash of minority representation always boils down to stuff like this. It's always the whiny queers who can't support other queers who are at fault, not the flawed piece of media representing "us" or the people who made the decision to represent an already marginalized group in such a limited way - or god forbid the white straight cis men in charge of the boardrooms that only begrudgingly greenlight a handful of LGBTQIA+ projects every decade when their research shows that queers haven't bought their products in a while. No, "we should just shut up and support the community!", "we should accept whatever scraps of visibility we get!", without even as much as a promise that it will ever get better.

Personally, as a queer fat person I'm not even particularly bothered by Troye's music video, as I've gotten pretty used to only seeing thin, muscular queers represented in media, and I don't think any piece of media should bear the burden of representing "everybody", but I can see why people are bothered by it. Why people are tired of accepting the bare minimum of representation for a community that is so much more diverse and interesting than the images we see of "ourselves" in media.

More than anything I just think this is another missed opportunity to strive for more, push things further, especially at a time when LGBTQIA+ rights are increasingly threatened globally. We should be mad.
In this time of increased attacks against the LGBT Community, it is so brave and powerful to have such authentic representation of how much rich white twinks hate fat people. Troye should be so proud that he is creating art that will make sure rich white gay men will have their rights safeguarded while fatties, trannies and their ilk suffer the consequences of not conforming to white supremacy <33 sisterhood
(The bear community is just as elitist, problematic, *phobic and toxic. Basically gays suck dd)

There is no doubt about it, but there is a portion of the community that's left behind. You can be fat phobic even being fat, the problem is not the weight, it's the community mentality.

This is bigger than just the Troye's video.