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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. They seriously need to trim the fat - and have needed to since Season 2.
  2. Episode 4 Best Points:

    - Jason for the eye candy.
    - Eric's swim in the river/cute facial expressions.
    - Alcide's abs.
    - Awkward family incest (hopefully they drop this because it's just another unnecessary complication)
    -"Stop saying 'fuck', I can't concentrate"

    Bad points:
    - This stupid baby sub-plot.
    - The Tommy storyline.
    - Anyone hurting Pam. I will not accept any harm to her.

    All in all, a pretty solid episode.
  3. This. I feel sick....My flawless Queen had better be back to her usual fave slaying soon!

    The episode was good enough, mostly thanks to Alcide's abs.
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  4. Like any legend she'll rise again! Fear the return of Pam ladies and gentlemen.
  5. I really don't get Jason's appeal. He's really not hot. He'll always be Vinny from Home & Away to me.
  6. And Alcide isn't that hot. There's a thing called too much muscles.

    When will Tommy kill boring Sam and become a Skinwalker already? I fell asleep during both their storylines.
    As for the ending, I really got scared for Pam. They better not kill her!
  7. Episode 5 Best Points:

    - "Oh Witchiepoo you have royally fucked us!"
    - Tommy killing his parents. (That's one loose end tied).
    - Eric being even more cute. I am prepared to stan for Sookie + Eric.
    - The hilarious "exorcism". "Praise Jesus" etc.
    - Bill looked ridiculously hot this episode. Maybe I have a thing for suits?

    Bad Points:
    - The baby storyline... again.
    - Pam still injured. She needs to recover ASAP. My queen will rise.
  8. - Poor Marnie. Seriously, poor Marnie!
    - And that's how Tommy becomes a skinwalker.
    - Andy has become the most annoying character on this show, now that Sam's stupid family is dead and Hotshot has been left unseen this episode.
    - Actually, no, Arlene is just as annoying.
    - Yaaaay, Tara's mom!
    - Please, don't give Alcide a separate storyline too! Enough, already.
    - Finally, a show that respects continuity and its own mythology! Jason is having Jessica sex dreams, like we all do.
    - Oh, Pam...
  9. Oh Pam.....

    I'm thinking...that maybe the witch will use the same spell that sheriff described, to try and mass kill vampires again? And Sooki/Lafiet will be the only ones who can stop her since it'll be during the day. Or something....

    Apart from the heartwrenching Pam incident, I'm liking this series so far.
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  10. So glad Lettie Mae was back in the last episode!

    However, I really can't stand Sookie and her stupid romance storylines anymore.
  11. I'm actually glad Sookie's storyline with Eric got considerably more screentime over the last two episodes than it did before. Also: Sabrina and Charmed? Hahaha.
  12. So I've finally sat down for the first five episodes. I'm probably going to just repeat what's already been said but I'll carry on regardless...

    The witches are great, takes me back to The Magic Box in "Buffy"
    Sookie and Eric are amazing
    Alcide is too fit
    The evil baby/doll is really interesting, wanna see where it goes
    Jessica is a super fox!

    It's not all fun and games though. Sam's family need to get to fuck and Jason's ware-panther bullshit is just one human-to-animal too many
  13. Oh yeah... And I love Pam.
  14. I hate the romance side of the show. It's so cheesy and takes too much screentime. So frustrating!
  15. - As much as I try, I just can't take Arlene seriously. I kind of want her to have these problems.
    - Andy is still insufferable.
    - I love Tommy, I really do. And the actor who plays Sam did a great impression of him.
    - Finally, more Sookie/Jason interaction.
    - Aww, Eric.
    - Poor Marnie, again. Antonia: HBIC.
  16. I am very very very very very very very worried that Pam is about to die.

    I'd comment on the rest of the episode but I'm just too worried right now, I need a momemt.
  17. I will write numerous letters of protest to HBO if Pam actually does die. It's clear that Pam needs to be resurrected in a Jesus-like manner; she will ascend into the sky much to the awe of everyone else and say something fierce.
  19. Anyone but Jessica! Fucking hell that was quite the episode.
  20. I think Jason will save Jessica.
    It would be the act they need to give in to their feelings of lust/love/whatever.

    And then it'll be a secret thing and they can't tell Hoyt and then Hoyt finds out.

    CUE the season finale.
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