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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. I find it to be the opposite, the new guy does nothing for me!
  2. That Eric-Jason sex scene was one of the most groan-inducing, desperate audience pandering scenes I have ever seen. Brutal.
  3. HBO usually only panders to the straights, so at least the gays got something for once.
  4. Are you serious??????????

    Behind The Candelabra
    Angels In America
    The Normal Heart

  5. Yeah. HBO literally do most of their shit for the gays. I think almost every HBO show has some sort of queer
  6. I meant in terms of gratuitous nudity and sex scenes. There have been numerous articles and sketches about it as I'm sure you're aware:


    HBO has been accused of misogyny at various times for their shows' overuse of frontal female nudity and very little male nudity. Most recently because of Game of Thrones, one of their directors even admitted an exec encouraged him to have more frontal female nudity in his episode.
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  7. Pat


    I thought the boyfriend looked different.
  8. Really? I think full frontal male nudity is quite prevalent on HBO and Game of Thrones specifically, I thought this was quite apt

  9. It isn't hardly as prevalent as female full frontal nudity. We see a vag almost every episode and a dick maybe twice in a whole season.
  10. Yeah, the point is that there is a huge disparity between the amount of male and female nudity. Genre shows that skew male like Game of Thrones and True Blood have had countless scenes of frontal female nudity, but instances of frontal male nudity are much rarer. I didn't watch Looking, but I imagine even though it's a show with a large gay audience, there was little frontal male nudity. You only usually get male nudity because it's necessary i.e. because it wouldn't make sense for the character to have sex clothed or because, in True Blood's case, it wouldn't make sense for male shape shifters to transform back fully clothed.

    And it's completely intentional. The director on Game of Thrones isn't the only person who's mentioned execs at HBO pushing for female nudity. Louis CK did a nude scene on his sitcom in response to HBO asking him why there was no nudity on his show even though he knew they specifically meant female nudity.
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  11. Does True Blood really skew male though?
  12. Beb, stop.

    Louies C.K.'s show is on FX, not on HBO.
  13. Beb, he did a sitcom for HBO before his FX show. It was called Lucky Louie.

    His exact words:
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  14. Episode 3 was better, Alcide & Maxine getting killed off! Sarah's back! I wonder who's next to die? Honestly if the endgame is Sookie & Bill, I'll be so letdown.
  15. I was more sad to see Hoyt's mother being killed off...

    and that shot of Alcide in just a towel. *fans self*
  16. So glad to see Hoyts mum get killed. She was such a fanny!

    This was a much better episode. If this show ends with Sookie and Bill back together!!!
  17. I'm so happy with three of the worst characters, Tara, Alcide and Maxine, being killed off so quickly into the final season. I practically jumped for joy when the two deaths happened and Pam confirmed she felt Tara's death.

    I can see Violet, Willa or Adalyn being offed in a couple of episodes time.
  18. This season has gotten so much better now that they have slowed the pace way down.

    The first couple of episodes, everything felt so rushed but it's now flowing at a good pace.


    I am delighted to get some Eric/Pam action again, they just buzz of each other.

    I wonder who Bill contracted Hep V from? And does this mean that Sookie is now a carrier because she fed from him?
  19. This season is basically an excuse to make Alexander Skarsgard strut around in questionable wigs and outfits, isn't it?

    Pam remains the best thing about the whole show, as per usual. Flawless, queen, etc.
  20. Now how did I know Vampire James would be the bottom!
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