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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. Look... I'm a Republi-cunt
  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    This last episode was largely pointless.
  3. I was surprised by them showing that haha, it was kinda hot to be honest.

    The Sarah Newlin storyline seems really messy, I'm not entirely sure that bringing her back was the best idea so far.
  4. Sarah was great in this episode, proudly telling her mother: "But I'm not a monster, I'm a Buddhist!" and then revealing that she's being hunted by Yakuza was amazing.
  5. It's Anna Camp. That is enough of a reason to bring Sarah Newlin back.

    I think Anna will know of a cure and she'll save Bill and Eric just in time. I reckon Violet will kill Jessica and Sam will leave town.
  6. God I hope Jessica doesn't die, I'd much rather Violet was killed.
  7. The Bill flashbacks were completely pointless and seemed like an ego stroke for Moyer...

    I just want a Pam / Eric spin off in that video shop.
  8. Some people have been speculating that the flashbacks might mean his wife is a vampire and she's about to turn up. I don't think we've ever seen her grave. Or they were just there to pad out the episode.
  9. - I presumed because he is dying from the Hep V he was having flashbacks?
  10. They did seem a bit unnecessary at this late stage. It also seems odd that we don't have a proper big bad, Sarah Newlin running away with her gunned down mother doesn't really hit the mark.
  11. I guess the Big Bad is Hep V itself.
  12. Why is the Yakuza after her again?
  13. She killed one of their members last season and they also had a financial interest in True Blood, so they probably aren't happy that she caused the Hep V outbreak.
  14. Aaaaaaah, okay, thank you.
  15. [​IMG]

    - Pam Funko!!!!
  16. I'm not really connecting with this season, it feels like it has run out of steam. I'm just praying Bill-Sookie aren't the end-game.
  17. It's weird, the episodes are good, but I'm not as excited for them as I was with season 6. It does feel like it's coming to a natural end; I really hope they deliver with the 2nd half.

    It sort of feels like they've had to sacrifice a lot of the camp humour because it's the final season. Pam and Sarah are on top form though. And I've been very pleased with the deaths so far, though they're hardly doing Tara's character justice at the moment.

    I'll be really disappointed if Bill and Sookie get together again.
  18. Bill will be dead before the season finishes surely, he has the Hep V virus?

    I think the ending will be the complete eradication of vampires.
  19. Surely genocide would be the most depressing and unsatisfying ending imaginable?
  20. I actually like that idea. It would be a pretty bold and definitive ending, which is why I don't think it will happen.

    As soon as they revealed that Bill was infected, my first thought was that they will now inevitably find a cure. They surely wouldn't let both Bill and Eric to die. One of them, yes, but not both.
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