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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Eric dies before they find a cure and Bill ultimately survives.
  2. Anna Camp and the ever-brilliant Kristin Bauer van Straten are carrying the show at this point. Thank God there's only 5 episodes left.
  3. I'm thinking: Bill dies, Eric lives, Eric and Sookie make sweet love until the end of time. The end.

    (Cue Bill making a big dramatic speech first about being ready to meet the true death, he doesn't want to live like a monster anymore, he's happy to be reunited with his family in heaven, etc. etc., mixed with a lot of bloody tears.)
  4. Fuck, don't even tempt fate that way!
  5. I don't want Eric to die but he seems too epic a character to carry on living past the finale...
  6. So true.

    I really hope they kill off Bill, it's long overdue.
  7. Sarah Newlin's little speech in the latest ep had me rolling.

    "We are all Buddhas"
  8. Surely the sister wouldn't have completely drained Sarah.
  9. It'd be a waste of a storyline if she did, surely?
  10. Also, the scene with Eric, Pam and Amber in the fifth episode was everything.
  11. This was a really great episode this week marred by one thing - why is Sam still in this show?? He had ONE scene where his girlfriend (I can’t even remember her name she’s such a non-event) said she was going home. That was it - so completely pointless.

    Also Sarah Newlin’s sister uttering the line to Sarah, “I knew it was you, you’re still wearing that fucking Chanel No.5” was absolutely hilarious.
  12. Sam's probably still there because of the books. I can only imagine the meltdowns if they ended the show like the books.
  13. I haven't got a clue what's going on in this at the moment... not a clue.
  14. After watching the promo for next week I'm in knots about the survival of a few characters.
  15. The pace is so strangely sluggish given there's so few episodes left, adding more credence to the theory that there really is nothing much left to do with any of these characters at this point. At this stage, the episodes would benefit from being 20 minutes shorter, rather than a full hour. It's too much.
  16. I remember the early seasons where something major would close out every episode. What did we get last week, 5 episodes before the grand finale? Bill coming home to a crying Jessica and a crying Sookie...
  17. There's just no real suspense or sense of where this season is heading. It feels like 'Will Eric survive?' is about the only question left that is carrying the show.
  18. Euuugghhh more tedious flashbacks.

    I was really hoping Bill would suddenly die in that last scene.
  19. I really liked Amber...
  20. The latest episode was very boring.
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