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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. This season is boring. I'm looking forward to it ending.
  2. This season started off so good but it's now just become a complete joke.

    Adeline is missing so Andy and Holly go hunting for her alone even though Jessica can sense her and find her no bother.

    Sookie spends the entire episode just running around like an idiot and then has sex with Bill even though her boyfriend died a few days ago. I actually hate Sookie now. They've taken a great character and made her so unlikeable.

    And Hoyt comes back with a new girlfriend and all Jason can do is think with his dick still. Come on.
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  3. Oh for fuck's sake, yet another pointless hour of my life I'll never get back. There was no purpose to any scene in the last episode - there is absolutely no story left to tell.
  4. It is utterly terrible, as if everyone is doing it for contractural reasons and nothing else... And wishing they were on Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black.

    I mean, that awful plot device of having a big party for no reason so most of the characters could be in one place is the laziest piece of writing I've ever seen in a TV show.
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  5. You've just described 6 seasons of Gossip Girl.
  6. I'm no fan of Alcide, but Sookie having sex with Bill half a week after he died was terrible writing, and destroyed any reason to like or even sympathise with her. I've never understood how intent this show is on forcing Bill-Sookie down the viewers throats, when I have not met a single person who likes them together, let alone is interested in their relationship.

    (Although, it's a marginally better end-game than the books. "Oh, my other relationships have been shit. I might as well give Sam a go instead. The end.")
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  7. This season has actually reminded me a lot of Gossip Girl's final season. They share in common the fact that the show's best writers jumped ship and the ones remaining clearly have no clue what they're doing.
  8. Completely agree.

    She was literally grieving for him 2 episodes ago and now she is back on the dick with her ex. Yeah, she really cared...
  9. To be fair, Alcide and Sookie's relationship never felt real to me anyway. They were throw together during a time jump and we only got a few episodes of them together before they were tore apart. Were we really supposed to be invested in that? I wasn't invested in it, so I don't really care that much that Sookie has forgotten about him in a matter of days. My only problem is that Bill and Sookie haven't seemed right together for about 2/3 seasons. Eric and Sookie should have been the end game, but it feels too late now.
  10. There's also the fact that Sookie even mentioned not being as invested in the relationship as Alcide. It's still happened way too fast but she wasn't describing him as the love of her life or anything.
  11. We all knew that she wasn't into Alcide the same way but it's not believable to have her sobbing over his death in one episode and then fucking her ex the next episode.
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  12. That was definitely an improvement on last week. I just hope they go out with a bang in the final episodes.
  13. This season just gets worse with every episode. The Tara mystery was just about redeeming Lettie Mae - a recurring character that no-one has ever given a fuck about?! What an awful way to treat a lead character after giving her an off screen death. The Violet/Jason story ended up just being completely pointless filler, and as for fucking Bill... It's like they purposely set out to piss us off with that ending. I can't believe HBO read these scripts and actually allowed them to be filmed. Doesn't it have a reputation for making high quality drama to maintain?
  14. I liked the Tara story. She had a very rocky relationship with her mother so I liked that they made peace in the end.

    I'm so glad Violet is gone. I just wish they'd fucking kill Bill off! Him and Sookie are the biggest pair of fannies since Carrie Bradshaw in the final season of Sex and the City.
  15. The Tara storyline should've been finished by episode 3 at the latest.
  16. I doubt anyone involved in the show gives a shit at this point... and it all looks really cheap.
  17. 1 episode left and the torture is over! This season has been awful/boring. The trailer for the finale looks like a total Bill & Sookie lovefest which is NOT how the series should end.
  18. Jessica and Hoyt being back together (and their amazing sex scene!)

    and Ginger...
  19. Remember when True Blood showed that you can actually get on with your life after your first major relationship and don't always meet 'the one' straight away? So much for that with Sookie & Bill/Jessica & Hoyt!

    Agree with all of this, just watched the trailer for the final episode and my excitement for it plummeted (and it was already low). They got it so right last year and this season was off to a promising start, but the writing went downhill.
  20. It's like as if the writers wanted to destroy the show.
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