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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. It feels like yesterday when my friends were all obsessed with True Blood and every episode felt like an event. It's sad, but sadly completely deserved that there is no buzz around this show any more.
  2. Hoyt (I don't know the actor's name) is smoking hot in a cute way.
  3. Ginger getting laid was the only redeeming part of that episode.

    I'd really be OK if they just made a spin-off with Eric, Pam and Ginger. I see Eric and Pam as very Sonny- and Cher-esque. Icons, etc
  4. It's what I am praying for, to be honest.

    More flashbacks to that video shop!
  5. An Eric and Pam spin off would be great.
  6. Really? People seriously want more of any of THIS? This season has been some of the worst television I've had to endure - and I've finished Weeds.
  7. You can't tell me, you have not enjoyed the Pam and Eric scenes?!

    It's Bill that has ruined the past two seasons.
  8. And Sookie.

    All she does it get people killed. I fucking hate her. I've never disliked a character so much since Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.
  9. Everything is past it's sell by date. Even Pam - the only reliable two minutes I get per episode of actually vaguely enjoying myself - is stale. It all just feels so futile. The writers don't care. The audience doesn't care. They could cancel it now, one episode from the finale, and I doubt they'd get a single complaint.
  10. Jason would obviously have to guest star for some lovely sexy scenes.
  11. The Pam scenes are great, but let's not pretend they are worth enduring the other 55 minutes for.
  12. Sadly, I never pretended anything of the sort.
  13. It's Dexter all over sad. I was obsessed with this show a few years ago.
  14. For me, it stands alongside Weeds Season 8, How I Met Your Mother Season 8/9 and Ally McBeal Season 5 as one of the dullest, most tedious stretches of television I've ever endured.
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  15. It really is such a piss poor ending to what was once a great show. I can't believe they're dedicating all this time to a new character like Bridget, 2 episodes from the end, when Tara was dealt with as an afterthought. They're shoe-horning in all these extra/new characters with no time to let the plot breathe or develop just so they can give others their happy ending (Bridget for Jason, Keith for Arlene, Hoyt for Jessica, Nicole for Sam). Terrible, terrible writing.

    The first 3 seasons were amazing, season 4 was good, 5 was awful, 6 was a slight return to form and now 7 is just unbearably bad.
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I hope you just mean the second movie!
  17. Literally the worst final season. Such a mess.

    I just wish with this final season they had finally left the Sookie / Bill relationship behind. I was hoping all the vampires would get wiped out and Sookie would be left to live as a person and not another 'thing'.
  18. One of my friends thinks Sookie will let Bill turn her so he takes the cure.

  19. That would basically be the worst ending, so they are probably right.
  20. Brigette is such an unnecessary character, I'd much rather they utilised other characters and gave them more to do than dragging someone in at the 11th hour to pair Jason up with someone. Willa's storyline was brief and quite pointless this season, couldn't they have brought her and Jason together and at least given the screen time to someone who was already established?
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