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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by clockworknovak, May 24, 2009.

  1. What even happened to Willa?
  2. Reverend Daniels shouted at her for feeding Lettie Mae and Eric released her... that was it?
  3. It doesn't seem likely that they'll bring her back in the final episode, it would be nice to see if she's doing okay instead of these scenes with Jason actively not getting his booty out.
  4. True Blood prepares for its final airing, and the world ... shrugs. Seriously, is anyone actually excited for tonight? The prospect of the end of this show has elicited zero emotion from me at all. It's like a crusty Band-Aid I avoided ripping off not because it would be painful, but because I was so used to seeing it that I forgot it wasn't meant to be permanent. And when it's off, I'll toss it and never think a thing of it again.
  5. Such a shame. I remember the first three series filled me with such joy. There were moments that I thought it would be the show to sit alongside Buffy and Veronica Mars and form a holy trinity on my DVD shelf.

    I thought wrong.
  6. This final season is such a blip and such a sad way for the show to end.

    Seasons 1, 2 and 4 are all excellent seasons.
    Seasons 3, 5 and 6 were good seasons.
    And then you have season 7 which is just okay. This season wouldn't be so bad if we know there was another season that could redeem it.
  7. This season is bad because they've run out of stories, so even if they did have another season, it probably would have been even worse. A HBO exec said in an interview last week that the show is still highly profitable and the only reason it's ending is because they were 'hitting a wall' creatively.
  8. Anyone have a link for live streaming tonight?
  9. [​IMG]

    - my expression when the credits started.

    What an anti-climatic piece of shit!
  10. I thought the last episode was nice but it was a little flat.

    They promised lots of deaths and lots of drama in season 7. We got that for maybe 3 episodes and then it just slowed way down.

    Once again, Pam and Eric are the highlight of the show. Their New Blood advert was funny.

    I did find the Sookie/Bill death scene quite touching considering what they've been through since season 1.

    I would love a Pam/Eric spin-off.
  11. I watched seven seasons and it ended like that.

    LaFayette didn't even get one line in that final episode...

    I'm gutted.
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  12. That really wasn't good at all.

    I'm trying to think of things that would have made it good:

    - Bill suddenly dying whilst walking Jessica down the aisle.
    - Sarah and Pam getting married after Jessica runs out on Hoyt to have a threesome with Lafayette and James.
    - Jason and Eric realising their feelings for each other and getting married. (After Eric kills Bridget)
  13. It was very lacklustre... Everything was wrapped up in a neat little package and not much actually happened. I even felt bad for Sarah Newlin.
  14. A lot of people on IMDB believe Bill was turning human, which would explain Sookie being able to hear his thoughts and the warm blood...

    I think I would have preferred it more, had the last few scenes been expanded and not so rushed. They should have made it a 2 hour finale.
  15. I'm happy that Bill died but yeah the finale was just one big meh. This season has been so bad and boring.
  16. Oh well, it's over now. It was pleasant enough. Thank you True Blood, you showed me some nice bums.
  17. I'm just glad it's over. I don't think I've ever seen anyone sap the screen of energy so fast as Bill and his earnestness. I pretty much cheered when he finally died.
  18. Bill ruined the last two seasons, he should have been dead and gone at the end of season 5.
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