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True crime!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Okay so like many others I have become OBSESSED with true crime shows over the past few months. Few of my faves listed below.​


    Making a Murderer
    The Staircase
    The Jinx
    The Keepers
    The Confession Tapes
    The Imposter
    Amanda Knox

    TV Shows:

    Cold Justice
    Forensic Files


    Sword and Scale

    Have any of you been sucked into this phenomenon??? What do you think of these cases?? Discuss!!!
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  2. Casefile is another great podcast I would recommend.

    Also “Dear Zachary: a letter to a son about his father” is a devastating documentary if you haven’t seen it. Best to go in without reading anything about it.
  3. I bloody loved The Keepers. So fucking gripping and sickening (not in the good sense of the word).
  4. Forensic Files is the best thing on Netflix. The narrator is spot on with his informative but kinda creepy voice.

    For a more trashier vershion id recommend ‘Behind Mansion Walls’ on Youtube. It’s mostly about murder of the rich and elite. Its hosted by a posh brit in front of a roaring fireplace or some other splendid piece.
  5. I LOVE THIS THREAD. This genre is considered as white lady porn btw. I think the definition is that white women are usually safe in their bubble of privilege that they get off watching something dangerous/real on TV from time to time.

    Other than the ones mentioned here, I whole-heartedly recommend Capturing The Friedmans - that was such a fucking amazing crime docu.

    The Imposter and The Jinx are top tiers of this genre for me, I love it when the twist lasts till the end and it lingers with you since everything is R E A L.
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  6. Have any of you watched the Ted Bundy thing? I thought it was okay, if a tad stretched out...

    Any other True Crime kiki's I should check out?
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  7. The Ted Bundy doc seems to have incurred a bit of a backlash in that people are saying it's adoring look at his process and "wasted potential" for a law career, etc. and I actually agree with that. There's no real new information in it either, at least not for anyone who's watched other documentaries or read any books about him - it seems to also gloss over how horrific his actual crimes were. As a look at the Myth of Ted Bundy I suppose it does its job, but beyond that, eh. I feel like it was opportunistically released to cash in on the Zac Efron Bundy biopic (which also looks...tragic)

    I'm fascinated with true crime, although I tend to like podcasts like Last Podcast on the Left (which, contrary to popular belief, isn't ~bro-y~ in the slightest - it's extremely well-researched and all three of the hosts are extremely kind, considerate and intelligent people in addition to being funny) and My Favorite Murder that have moments of levity to balance the extremity of a lot of the topics out.
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  8. The Woman Who Wasn't There and There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane are two of my all time favorites. I know they're not like most true-crime movies~ but they're still good. Silence in the House of God is another great exposé; it deals with molestation and the Catholic Church.

    Surviving R Kelly and Abducted in Plain Sight were eye opening and well made, especially the former.
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  9. I went through a standard serial killer fascination phase as a gloomy teen and devoured books on Bundy, David Berkowitz, Zodiac etc, before moving on to more important stuff as a new gay, but I come back to it every now and then.

    Five or so years ago I read Ann Rule's Green River Running Red about the Green River Killer, which was a great read, as she cared a lot about the victims, which is always more interesting to me than the sad-sacks who killed them.

    This kind of thing equally fascinates and creeps me out:

    Like... how do people just vanish without a trace??
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  10. Generation Why is another podcast that looks at either unsolved murders or unsolved missing person cases. I also listened to the first season of the Up and Vanished podcast - it's really weird and strange and after listening it's hard to know what really happened.

    Haven't watched the Ted Bundy thing yet but I will soon, it's on my list. I also really need to listen to the Teacher's Pet podcast but I've so much to watch/listen to at the moment!
  11. Obsessed with True Crime. Most of my days are taken up with listening, watching or reading in some capacity.

    Podcast musts are..............

    Undisclosed - The official podcast for the Asnan Syed Case which has no branched out into other miscarriages of justice. New season will be starting very soon.
    Truth & Justice (They are on Season 6 but go back and listen to Seasons 2 (Edward Ates) & 3 (Jessie Eldridge))
    S-Town (Starts out true crimey but soon turns into something very different and totally fascinating).
    Missing And Murdered
    Someone Knows Something
    (Skip Season 1)
    Dirty John
    Bear Brook
    Black Hands
    In The Dark

    Calling @mump boy who follows even more than I do.
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  12. My issue with Serial S1 was how biased towards Adnan it was, it was obviously a fascinating listen but I had absolutely no desire to listen to Undisclosed, knowing it was started by Adnan's close family friend. The bias is overwhelming.
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  13. Serial didn't star out biased. They researched the case found out it was clear miscarriage of justice and reported accordingly.

    Only one member of the Undisclosed team is a family friend the others were investigating it independently and came together when they came to the same conclusion.

    It has next to nothing to do with that case anymore anyway. There is nothing to report whilst it makes it way through the courts. Instead they have been investigating numerous other cases and the podcast if fantastic. They have done more work on some cases than the original investigation. Turning up new leads, witnesses and in some cases even getting new trials.

    If you're not interested in Adnan's case start with Joey Watkins'. It's wild!
  14. I dunno, I personally believe they got the right guy and Adnan is guilty. Without turning into r/serial, I don’t believe there was a ‘great miscarriage of justice’.

    I can’t remember every detail but at the end of the day he had the motive (an ex - women are often killed by current or ex boyfs/husbands), means (big footballer guy could easily strangle) and opportunity (has no solid alibi for the entire evening). He showed several previous signs of being jealous and possessive. It is entirely plausible that he did it. At the end of the day Jay knew where the car was, and Adnan admitted to spending the day with Jay. Even if Jay was more involved than he says, he was still with Jay during that day.

    From what I remember his strongest case for getting out was Asia, who never seemed to get her story straight and wrote a book recently about how Hae appeared to her in a dream or something. Like...ok girl.

    I think that reporter Dana put it best at the end of Serial, where she said Adnan would have to be the absolute unluckiest guy in the entire world to loan his car to a guy who then randomly decided to kill his ex.
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  15. In The Dark In The Dark In The Dark

    The first season is really interesting the second the best investigated podcast ive ever listened to and the craziest most infuriating look into the American justice system you can ever imagine.

    A absolute MUST listen
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  16. None of this is evidence of guilt. He may well have done it (he didnt) but you're still supposed to have a case built on actual evidence not lies, fabricated evidence, supposition and racism.
  17. Accused

    Crime Writers On (Crime writers discussing the latest podcasts and true crime stuff. A bit annoying but great place to hear about new true crime)
    Curtain (starts out amazing but runs out if steam. So interesting how australian 'justice' system mirrors US in treatment of black people)
    Gone Fishing
    Real Crime Profile
    (FBI and Scotland Yard profilers talk us theough real crime docs and podcasts. Sometimes facinating sometimes very smug)
    Suspect Convictions
    The Teachers Pet (Massive hit australian poscast that may actually get some results)
    Unravel ( another good australian one new season starts on tuesday)

    I've yet to find a good UK true crime invetigative podcast or doc. Of course our system isn't perfect but do we not have the same kind of corruption and miscarriages of justice or has no one got round to reporting on it yet ?

    Anyone have any suggestions ??
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  18. when you say ‘he didnt’...unless you were actually there you really don’t know.

    All I can speak for is personal opinion and after looking at the trial documents and everything, I personally believe he is guilty.
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  19. Good grief.

    You need to listen to a few true crime podcasts.
  20. I listen to them all the time. I've listened to plenty where I believe the person convicted is innocent. You do realise most podcasts/doc have an angle and a bias? That's the nature of telling a story. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on a case, both yourself and myself included.
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