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True Detective - Season 2!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Jun 23, 2015.

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    It's back! First episode has aired.

    To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed. The trailer had me perched but I haven't been hooked by the opening episode at all.

    I'll keep watching though.
  2. I didn't think it was as bad as critics said, I think they were all just perched to leap on it after the mini-backlash that happened after the first series ended. It was a little plotless for most of the episode, but that's not uncommon for the first episode of anything. The last series was just as bleak and featured just as much symbolic, pretentious dialogue too (another criticism I've seen). Vince Vaughn still seems like a massive mistake, that's my main problem with it at the moment.
  3. I liked this first episode. I love the new intro and how they have introduced the characters. When they announced the casting I was a little bit disappointed but now that I have seen them in action I can say that I liked it.
  4. Watched the first two episodes and I'm enjoying it so far. The quality of the dialogue seems to have taken a complete nosedive though.

    The end of the second episode was certainly a shocker!
  5. Last episode was decent but this season is much worse overall than the first. Way too much is going on and I can't keep track of everybody's motivations.

    Vince Vaughn and his character are the freakin worst.

    The character development is worse too. Velcoro is the only one making any kind of progress as a character.

    Despite all this, I'll keep watching of course.
  6. What even was last night's episode.
  7. After loving episode 6 I'm back to being unsure how I feel about this. I think they're counting on us liking Vince Vaughan too much.
    RIP the hot one
  8. So does this deserve the savaging its getting from the critics?
  9. Yes.
  10. It's fucking terrible! Like, astonishingly so. I can't stop watching.
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  11. I wouldn't say it's terrible. I like aspects of it but there is a ridiculous amount of shit going on. If this was going to be multiple seasons than it would be fine and character development and plot stuff could be nicely paced.
    Who even gives a fuck about the motorcycle guy? I'm kind of glad he's dead because his existence in the show was unnecessary. I really didn't care about his trapped in the closet plotline anyway and I hope his mother and fiance stay in that motel room forever

    I still really like it, but I wish it was more focused like the first season.
  12. It's a total train wreck I can't pull my eyes away from.

    The plot is incomprehensible. There are so many characters mentioned, varying motivations, twists that mean nothing to me because I don't know what I should have expected. Vince Vaughan has laughably terrible lines and can't deliver them without veering into "I'm such a serious actor in this show look at me be serious" territory. Taylor Kitsch has his own thing going on that nobody cares about and will probably not be touched again. I think I'm supposed to be cheering for Colin Farell but he's a total scumbag of a human being, so no. Rachel McAdams is alright but I don't think she's developed at all as a character.

    Can I say again that the plot makes no sense? It's like a run on sentence in TV form.

    And freaking Stan. I can't believe they did anything about that character with a straight face.
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  13. I can't really disagree with a lot of what you've said. It doesn't help that everyone is always mumbling and referring to people by their last names... I still don't know who exactly of importance was at that party. Was the fat Southern guy important? He's dead right?

    I like Rachel McAdams in this but her character needs to start going somewhere soon. I like Velcoro when he's not talking about/with his son or ex-wife. Speaking of, did they have to make the kid a ginger? OK WE GET IT, THEY'RE NOT RELATED. Doesn't look related to the mother either. It's comical just how much he looks absolutely nothing like either one of his parents.

    I just realized the next episode is the finale. Lord...
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  14. I've now watched episodes 3 and 4 and I'm still loving this season.

    When will I start hating it?
  15. Episodes five to seven were seriously good. The last one was incredible honestly. I've gone from hate watching to actually loving.
  16. I'm with you, I don't understand why people aren't enjoying this. It's not as good as the first season but it's still great television. I adore everything but Vince.
  17. The season did pick up in the past few episodes, but it still doesn't hold a candle to the first season. I feel like this devolved into a standard cop drama, rather than something that had something (-ish) profound to say.

    Also, turning Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn) of all people into a leader of organized crime on the same network that was home to Tony Soprano was always going to be a disaster.
  18. Vince Vaughn really was horribly miscast in this show. I liked Ani as a character. I'm upset we didn't get a balls to the wall Taylor Kitch gay sex scene. I liked the ending.

    This was a solid B. I liked it as a piece of sleazy pulp but it pales in comparison to the first season. I'm still interested to see what comes next.
  19. I really enjoyed the last episode, I knew Ray wasn't going to get out of it alive, but I'm glad Bezzerides did and that she and Jordan ended up together in Venezuela. Jordan was the only character I was really rooting for.
  20. I thought this season was a complete mess. Especially compared to the first season. I thought the first season was convoluted but this takes the cake. Why was Vince Vaughn or Taylor Kitsch characters even needed?

    I do have to say that the last three episodes were an improvement. The show however was horribly written this year.
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