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Tulisa- The Female Boss (New album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jinzo, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Tracklist:

    3.Live It Up
    5.I Don't Give A Fuck
    6.British Swag (ft. Nines)
    7.Live Your Life
    8.Visa (ft. Wiley)
    11.I'm Ready
    12.Steal My Breath Away
    13.Kill Me Tonight
    16.Sight Of You

    Exactly what I was hoping for (barring the absence of 'Bitch In Heels'). So excited for 'British Swag'.
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  2. British Swag is already my favourite song ever.
  3. The best trinity of songs ever, basically.

    Cher Lloyd's undeniable impact.
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  4. That tracklisting is ratchet. All we need now if a feature from Cher Llyod herself and a Queen Khia collab. I was hoping for a cover of Video Phone just for laughs.
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  5. The wording of this annoys me.

    British Swag is clearly the new Elephant. Song of the decade, number 1 for 52 weeks etc.
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  6. Turns out 'British Swag' is (apparently) a re-named 'Bitch In Heels'!
  7. Sight of You is the worst thing I have heard in YEARS. SHIT SHIT SHIT....#StateOfYou.
  8. I'm really excited for this album! "Young" is great. The other two are kind of weak, but I like the urban and British feel of Tulisa. I think her album will be one that will probably be technically terrible but so much fun to listen to.
  9. I wish her career was a public service so the government could pull funding and shut it down. (As if it weren't low-budget enough...) Then again, the abrupt final words of the 'Sight of You' video had me cackling, so I admit to being grateful for something.

    Snarkiness aside, I did think she had potential at one time and found her endearing. Unfortunately, I can't remember why.

    I hope 'British Swag' is properly amazing.
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  10. British Swag, written by Diane Warren. Legendary.
  11. "British Swag" just ended all your faves careers and it hasn't even been heard yet.
  12. 'I Don't Give a Fuck'. Clearly.
  13. Is it too desperate to hold out hope for a Nadia Oh feature?
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She doesn't even have to ask twice.
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  15. Have use listened to the previews of this one iTunes?! It is sick!! And the new single Live Your Life is better than the singles she has released so far so it will smash!! Love the song Visa!!

    And Skeletons is completely different to the Live Lounge version..so much better!!
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  16. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to release Sight Of You. Its an abomination...

    Listening to the previews now. Damn isn't bad. British Swag is fucking AWFUL.

    Live Your Life is OK, clearly trying to capture the success of Young , but not as good. Visa is.....
    I actually can't listen to the previews. Its a shit album. I keep forgetting she is in my most hated act of all time, N Thugz. Hate this and its because it sounds like them.
  17. British Swag sounds like it will be ironically amazing, in the same vein as Vanity by Xtina.

    I specialise in pounds~~

    Is she saying "Bad man on the corner?"

    To give her credit though, I do genuinely like the sounds of a few of the tracks. Her voice sounds nice on Foreigner.
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  18. 'Damn' sounds pretty good. Far better than the crap she's released since 'Young'. 'British Swag' has some hot production but the actual bit where she says 'British Swag', really? 'Visa' sounds good.

    I'm pleasantly surprised actually. I might cherry pick a few select tracks from this.
  19. It isn't the new single, it's just the b-side to "Sight of You", so can't see it being picked up for an official release after that.

    In regards to the album, I'm quite impressed by the previews.
  20. Foreigner and Visa actually sound quite good.
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