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Tulisa- The Female Boss (New album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jinzo, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. So she was in court today and um....

  2. Why?? She destroyed her face...
  3. K94


    Oh lord - a Shark Tale tea. She used to be very pretty.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. KAG


    It's so upsetting because Tulisa was so pretty before all the surgery. I honestly don't understand why people get botox in the first place. It doesn't matter how many times you 'fix' your face, you're never going to be satisfied with the way your appearance. There's always going to be a new insecurity replacing the other one.
  6. I think she's still pretty. She just has an unflattering hairstyle in the first picture. And there's an unfortunate combination of heavy foundation and harsh lighting in the second picture. And then there's obviously the lips, but hopefully they won't be permanent.

    But I mean, if she were at the X Factor auditions right now, with a good stylist/hairstylist/make-up artist, she'd look stunning.
  7. It looks like a hell of a lot of botox and filler, but I'm assuming most of that will disappear with time... right?
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  8. Christ, she looks like a dowdy Pete Burns.

    It's a shame, she was beautiful anyway, why do young girls mess with their face so much. Did the surgery start before or after she was arrested?
  9. Silly girl.
  10. I was watching some X Factor clips from 2011 earlier, and I have to say.. I think Tulisa was a great judge in 2011.

    However I don't know what happened in 2012...

    Also that surgery was completely unnecessary, and is completely unflattering.

    She has completely ruined her good looks.

    Someone needs to stop her, what on earth made her do this to herself?. What a shame
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  11. I feel sorry for Tulisa but bloody hell. Why do other celebrities never get themselves into these embarrasses positions? - because they have a strong team around them who can smell bullshit from a million miles away.
  12. I have just gave her album another full listen.

    2.Live It Up (Feat.Tyga)
    4.I'm Ready
    5.Live Your Life
    6.Visa (Feat.Wiley)
    9.Steal My Breath Away

    Get rid of the terrible, and you actually have quite a good album here.

    Also If she really wanted a ballad for the third single/XF performance why didn't she choose Habit or Steal My Breath Away?.

    Live Your Life, Visa, I'm Ready, Steal My Breath Away and Habit could've all been singles. And I actually think if she chose something better for the third single, her album would've done better.. not much better but maybe it would've gone at least gold. The awful x factor performance, sex tape and her blandness on her second series of XF didn't help things at all.

    I'm kind of looking forward to what she brings out next, and to see if she can have a comeback.
  13. I don't think I'm Ready could've been a singleā€¦ there is much better stuff on the album. I think if she done Live Your Life as the second single it would've been better because Live It Up was too urban and then Steal My Breath Away for the third single then if that all went well it could of lead on to Visa as the final single.
  14. Visa should've been the second single, definitely not my favourite but it would've done a lot better then Live It Up

    P.S Playboy69 what's your favourite track(s) from the album mines Steal My Breath Away such a great song.
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