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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. She looks pretty good now her lips have gone down.
  2. She looks amazing.

    The single is due for a December 7th release and hopefully a X Factor performance. She is also gonna be at the MOBO awards this week (she has won before) so hopefully she will be asked about the song there.
  3. [video=youtube;1ic7H-fzmg4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ic7H-fzmg4&feature=youtu.be[/video]
    Think this is it? It's ok.
  4. Not as Instant as 'Young' for me, but i was obsessed with Young when it first came out, so It would be hard to top that for me.
    It does remind me of Kiesza, but better. (I hated hideaway)
  5. Yeah this really wants to be Hideaway, it's alright though. Wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio so that's something.
  6. This is a fucking tune I love it. So classy and cool. It reminds me a bit of Clean Bandit sort of thing.
  7. That's actually phenomenal. I understand the Kiesza comparison but it's quite distinctive in its own right and the hook is enormous. Superb comeback single. Who'd have thought?!
  8. Her voice sounds unreal.

    Also why are they waiting til December to release this? Surely everyone would of free downloaded it so it won't sell on iTunes by then…
  9. It's not quite Young but it's her second best solo song! That rapsy note that strikes about halfway through is phenomenal.
  10. I can definitely get past the 'Hideaway' riff steal, because this is very fucking good.

    Hoping she's got an X Factor performance lined up. She could definitely get top 5 with this if it gets a proper push.
  11. Her voice sounds good. It was awful on Young.
  12. 1:46 jaw-dropping.

    I love her, so glad to have her back.
  13. This is actually amazing, a lot better than I was expecting it to be. I hope radio play it, to give it the chance it deserves.
  14. There is no reason why this should flop. She should definitely go top 10. Just wish it was being released sooner.

    I am glad you guys are saying her voice sounds great cos she is such a good singer.
  15. AMAZING.

    I really hope she performs this on The X Factor.
  16. Doing an album of UK house-y stuff (at least I'm assuming that's what it's going to be) is a really good move for her, I think.
  17. Sam


    This is so good.
  18. Three letters, JAM.
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