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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. KAG


    It's certainly much better than what I expected. I just hope she doesn't incorporate choreography into the live performances. I'm still not over the BGT disaster from two years ago.
  2. I've listened once and it's jammed in my brain, this is an excellent sign!
  3. satsfan

    satsfan Guest

    Always loved her in N-Dubz and now after all she's been through I'm rooting for her to do well! And this is a great single to return with, definitely fits in with the charts at the moment so smart move Tulisa.
  4. What a nice little surprise.

    It's a really good song, and has real hit potential. It has the right balance of dance-pop sound without being dated and two years too late, as it's kind of riding the half-house vibe of a lot of other songs on radio right now. I just hope that radio and the public don't pre-judge her and they give her a chance with this. Hopefully she has an X Factor promo spot lined-up.
  5. This has gotten a lot better after a few listens. I love the second part of the chorus when the beat kicks in.
  6. The video is private on the Front Page?
  7. I was not expecting anything this amazing
  8. Its really good but will radio play it?

    Ugh, these reviews are getting me excited.
  10. I don't know why it's suddenly been made private. Confusing.
  11. Re: Tulisa - Second Album & Singles

  12. I don't think it was supposed to premier today
  13. I'm hearing it.

    Oh Tulisa, well done girl. It's actually quite cool.

    I don't like her voice at the beginning though.
  14. Considering it was uploaded to a random YouTube channel with 3 subscribers, probably not. Looks like maybe the company hired to do the video put it up mistakenly.

    If it was any other artist, there'd be a million copies of it by now, but not for poor Tulisa.
  15. Well they may as well just put it back up. It's out there already, what harm is it gonna do?
  16. Party In The USA teas
  17. I thought posting a link would be okay seen as it is 'out there'. Didn't even see that it was downloadable. Apologies.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
  18. I can't believe that the one day my bus is late is the day Tulisa's new song appears for about 5 seconds online. I really respect her and The Female Boss wasn't that bad an album.
  19. Love this song, it sounds very current. Can't see it doing well though because mud sticks.
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  20. I thought The Female Boss was kind of spotty but it had some really good moments.

    This is incredible though. Jumping onto the house bandwagon was definitely a good move and she can probably get a decent hit out of it. I at least hope so since the song is THIS good. Her vocals sound stunning on this.
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