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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Island

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  2. Oh how embarrassing
  4. @Shockbox found desperately searching for flats
  5. Huh?
  6. I'm ready for an out and out trash bop.
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  7. Already sounds like a giant bop.
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  9. Out in NZ. This actually slaps oh wow! Let’s see how this potentially does
  10. Not her giving us less than a day's notice to prepare our wigs.
  11. Oh my god I can’t wait.
  12. I'm screaming at @Shockbox being summoned by mistake
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  13. Yeah, it's actually kind of cute.
    Here's the single cover:
  14. kal


    I’m low key here for this. I’ve historically taken the piss when it comes to Tulisa but over the years I’ve grown to really like her.
  15. Whoever wants a link hmu xx
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  16. Wow, who knew today would be the return of The Female Boss? Ready to be served a Lambrini bop I love
  17. The new queen of daddies is here!
  18. I genuinely love this track, it's such a chilled bop and her voice sounds so sexy.
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  19. This really should be a hit. If J.Lo released it then it would smash.
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