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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

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    Would it though?
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  2. Ummmmm yeah ok then
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  3. Didn't want to allow myself to get excited by her name on the bill until she confirmed she was coming on the 25th. I lucked out.
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  4. Why isn’t Daddy HUGE?? Its so
    so good and summery!
  5. Devo’d that I don’t live anywhere near Manchester as I’d love to see her there. When she done Brighton Pride she was incredible and got the best reaction out of all of them that day.
  6. kal


    I mean, if you were to travel over a mile to see anyone, it’d have to be Tulisa sis.
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  7. Personally I think Tulisa, Cheryl, Pixie Lott & Ariana all on one day is worth the travel but tickets might be hard to find now unless they've released more.
  8. Yeah I’ve never been that far up north and I won’t get tickets so I will let it go. Really wanted to see Daddy live.
  9. Me when my hook ups undress.
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  10. Hopefully she sticks with it and this is the first of many shows.
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  12. That’s sweet that she and Little Mix have a group chat together I think 2011 will always be my fave X Factor season.

    Oh and how nice to see Kelle Bryan as a Loose Women love her. Pity she has to work with the dreadful Coleen Nolan though.
  13. Tulisa opening her pride set with Scream & Shout was a moment.
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  14. I kind of wish she got to introduce it first as I'm sure most people there don't have a clue she wrote it?

    People really went crazy for the N-Dubz medley.
  15. Yeah true, I had no clue she wrote it until my cousin told me today and that she’s now got the rights to it, or something like that.
    The crowd went mental for Young.
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  16. Her version of Scream & Shout (or I Don't Give A Fuck as it's supposed to be called) is so much more superior to the trash Britney released.
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  17. I watched a clip of her singing 'Young' at Manchester Pride and she sounded ATROCIOUS!
  18. How come DJ spoony didn’t ask her to cover chocolate on his upcoming garage classical ?
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