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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Couldn’t find an n dubz thread but WOW. JUST WOW!

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  2. kal


    This makes me want to message him that his music is my guilty pleasure. And some of it really is. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a huge fraction of the internet did that just to spite him?
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  3. They already are on Twitter. 54AB4215-C977-4E02-ADD0-2404E2BE6198.png
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  4. Or he could be doing it because he has new music coming out on Thursday?
  5. kal


    I’m gonna be so pissed if it’s a single called Guilty Pleasure.
  6. I actually hate when people go 'Oh Spice Girls are my guilty pleasure!'.
    Shut up Karen. As if you listen to Bob Dylan when you're not guilty.
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  7. I don't believe in guilty pleasures anymore, I like what I like, no guilt involved.
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  8. Streaming has rendered 'guilty pleasures' @Robsolete. Yes when you had to rock up to an Our Price cashier with a Caprice CD single, they were a thing but not anymore.
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  9. Go girl we can never hear too much about the damage caused by online trolling.

    On as less serious note I love her hair.
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  10. Can't find an N-Dubz thread.

  11. Arenas though...
  12. Arenas feels a bit ambitious.
  13. kal


    I bop to a few of their singles but who asked for this??
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  14. I kinda did ask for this tbh.
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  15. Tbh I welcome a comeback . A childhood guilty pleasure of mine .
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  16. Bops on bops. This will easily sell.
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  17. Yeh I think I’m just about the right age for them to be a massive deal to (not necessarily me) but a lot of my peers! Honestly I can foresee this selling to the straights of a certain of age.
  18. Morning Star is definitely their best song.
  19. I absolutely will be going.
  20. If The Wanted can play arenas then N-Dubz will sell with ease I would think.
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