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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Birmingham capacity is currently 7,000 for this event with the back blocks not being put on sale. I would imagine this would be the same for other arenas such as top tier for London o2 arena
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  2. If anyone has a phone contract with Three, there's a pre-sale right now on their Three+ rewards app.
  3. My favourite is Love Sick (which is kinda shady considering the boys aren't on it).
  4. Does anyone have any idea of what ticket prices will be for the O2? I don’t know how to find out and my sister wants one.
  5. I think £40-£60 but could be wrong!
  6. For Manchester, the standing / some of the lower blocks were £45 each by the time fees etc were added. Probably similar.
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  7. Rob


    I mean they played them but they barely sold them.
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  8. Ticketmaster’ pre-sale today was a shambles.

    Imagine my shock.
  9. I'm shocked they're that popular.
  10. I was able to get on the ticket pages for Newcastle and Manchester but the rest are not working. I don't think the link is anything to do with it.
  11. Not keen on Charmer - it's too contemporary and doesn't have the incongruous raviness of their best hits - but the tour will do well. All the mums and dads outside my kids' school were buzzing about it at pickup yesterday and the one mum who already had Birmingham tickets was elevated to queen status. This is a hot ticket for people the right age and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up adding more dates to meet demand.
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  12. Most of the tickets seem to have gone within 5 minutes of going on sale.
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  13. I joined the queue for Glasgow out of curiosity and there is 9686 people in front of me. The demand! Just shows how the nostalgia effect is so powerful.

    Edit: apparently all shows are now sold out. There was over 30k+ in the queue for Manchester. Crazy!
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  15. They really were massive for a few years and Dappy was my first celebrity crush ddd but I didn't think they could pull this off, credit to them! I'll admit when me and my freinds are drinking together we'll often play thier bops and they always hit the spot.
  16. kal


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  17. Well that didn't take long. Five more dates announced, govt levelling up agenda to include construction of more arenas to meet demand.
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  18. Add another Glasgow date, Kings and Queens!
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