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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by playboy69, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. That’s so crazy that they’ve sold out wow.

    Makes you think how a Saturdays reunion tour would do as they’re same era.
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  2. I don’t think The Saturdays would manage as many dates but they’d definitely manage a successful tour. It’s a shame they don’t seem interested even after the success of this and especially the JLS tour.
  3. A Rhyl Pavilion Residency.

    I managed to get some tickets for this at The O2. So I’ll see you there in my LBD and my bang bang shoes, looking so confused.
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I had no idea they were this popular or big. Obviously not living in the UK it's hard to get a proper impression but even going by Wikipedia they had.. 3 top 10 hits?
    Good for them though, and promising for other acts who might feel not big enough to pull off a reunion
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  5. I was shocked to see all 10 dates completely gone and 6 more added, all arenas.

    I only realised because of a meme “I’ve got tickets to Ndubz starter pack”. Good for them!
  6. There albums done really well and had longevity from what I can remember. Tulisa and Dappy both had somewhat successful (and controversial) solo careers also .
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  7. They were 'underground' for most of their early hits ie 'kids playing their songs all day on their phones in the bus' way and not in the 'went out to buy a CD single' way since they were on a small label and not really part of the machine - so the statistics aren't representing their actual popularity with a certain demographic. Also they were active for 4-5 years and stopped - which makes them a time capsule act, most fans buying tickets long to be back in 2008 getting f*ngered in the park after 3 cheeky Vimtos.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I got the point at 'time capsule' but thanks for the image
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  9. Their lost bop for me.
    It was so cute that they did this for the Greek marker when they didn't have to.

  10. Third date added for The O2!

    The Female Boss stays winning.
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  11. Hopefully they can funnel some of the advance into releasing a better song!

    Give me some more Playing With Fire!
  12. I genuinely never realised how big of a fan base N-Dubz actually have?!

    Like another poster said, I thought it’d be a situation where they’d have upper tiers curtained off, not THREE sold out nights at The O2 (and I’m sure there’ll be more).

    They just never felt huge in their heyday to me? I was in their target age group and sure, they were around but it wasn’t like they were scoring multiple number 1s, or going on huge arena tours.

    But; good oh them I guess. More for Tulisa and Fazer though,
  13. Because you were gay and not dinking cider in the park. You had The Saturdays.
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  14. I did both.
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  15. Yeah, I’m actually shocked. They only seemed moderately successful and even then I mostly remember them being a bit of a laughing stock, but maybe that was just this forum! I don’t get why a proper Sugababes comeback seems to be such an uphill struggle in comparison (legal issues aside), despite having been way bigger?

    Some of their songs were fun.
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  16. Sugababes is tricky because of the line up and the faffing about. Also their brand was kinda burned to the ground and the lasted years - so no time capsule effect with them I guess.
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  17. Does this mean Tulisa might plug in Female boss.......deluxe version?
  18. More dates added.
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  19. kal


    I can't believe how wrong I was with this take.
  20. Miss Tully is going to be rich after this and I'm kinda living.

    They clearly weren't my demographic, and the amount of love I've seen on socials from fans has been really cute to see. No British pop act (current or reunited) is shifting tickets at this sort of volume right now: this could have been a damn stadium tour.
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