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Tumblr Is Deleting All Adult Content

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Uno, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Uno


    Tumblr will no longer be allowing adult content (sexual nudity, porn clips, gifs, etc.) and will have any posts related to that set to private mode on Dec. 17th. You’ll no longer be able to search, post, or find adult content after then.

    Full article here.
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  2. It's a good move on their part following what happened, as it seems their methods of filtering content before it's published just isn't working well enough right now to protect vulnerable people and keep them safe, but there's no denying a portion of their userbase will be upset and may leave the site for other platforms.
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  3. Verizon shooting themselves in the foot in an effort to become an ad-serving platform. It's a shame because it was my favorite source of porn.
  4. Yeah they did done fucked up with this move. This will tank the platform.
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  5. pretty much... i already lost huge interest in tumblr after they introduced advertisement...but this is like the final nail in the coffin.
  6. Farewell Tumblr.
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  7. i dropped tumblr for reddit and 4chan porn and never looked back so this is no real loss, i just hope the site doesn't go under as my shitpost tag never fails to crack me up on sad days
  8. I mainly use Tumblr for gifs reblogging, cute outfits and shitposts, so I don't really mind this...but I'm a bit confused. Doesn't their definition of "adult content" stops at the odd porn gifs and nsfw fanart? What about gore and violence? Is that appropriate for children to see?

    Where does the more ambiguous stuff falls? Like people writing fanfiction containing 'adult content'? Especially the more vanilla stuff, let's say, that may not describe intercourse, but might describe a naked female body for example?

    What about the rest of the "offensive" stuff? Homophobia, racism, nazism, etc?

    Whew who knew a pair of tits and a flaccid dick would leave Tumblr, off all the social media platforms, in such a state.
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  9. No more adult content? Are they trying to ruin me?
  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    There's some meme going round at the minute which is like screenshots of searches. "Boobs" - nothing. "White supremacy" - here's your results! "Dick pics" - nothing. "Nationalism" - here's your results! etc.
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  11. People from the fandom side of Tumblr are already jumping ship and comparing it to the mass exodus from LiveJournal about a year ago, since even NSFW fanart is prohibited.

    Their statement did give the world the phrase "female-presenting nipples," which is making me laugh even as I type it, so points for unintentional hilarity, I suppose.

    My impression is that Tumblr's been bleeding users for a while now anyway as for years they've continually done literally the opposite of everything users wanted. Though strangely, Twitter has been taking the same tactic and hasn't lost any users except, you know, Fox News. So who knows what effect this will actually have. Other than fucking over online sex workers yet again.

    Tumblr: Why would we ban that?
  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I was active on tumblr during its first hay day (2010-2012) and then a bit after Yahoo bought them (2013-2015). It was definitely different with the ads. I stopped using tumblr after PopJustice became my main “fandom” forum (my fandom being music). I agree it’s been dying for several years now.
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  13. This is what irked me the most. I naively assumed we as a society were redrawing the boundaries of what's deemed as offensive content, and surely Tumblr users would be the first to endorse such a revolution. I didn't expect Tumblr to say 'boobs are ok tho!1' but 'female-presenting nipples' one of the first things on their hit list! The shameless misogyny... far too much.
  14. I used to use Tumblr to post NFSW-ish fan art back when it was at its most popular, but had to leave when it started fucking with my mental health. I'm sad for the artists who won't be able to post their stuff anymore, but I'm also not surprised with any of this because Tumblr has been shit since day one.
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  15. But, but, but.... how will I see amateur clips of straight guys having sex?
  16. Uno


    I didn't know there was such thing!
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Twitter porn tho and if you're good... Instagram kii
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  18. I used tumblr from around late 2012 to early 2016, can't say I miss it at all, it got to be way too toxic at times, depending on what fandoms you were in and really did horrors for my mental health. And yeah the nazi, nationalists and alt-right blogs always got away with their vile behavior, yet nudity is where they decided to draw the line (granted this will eliminate child porn, so I can understand that decision). Porn was good when I came across it but its not like i can't find that anywhere else, people who put their porn on tumblr will just move to other platforms anyway.
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  19. I started my Tumblr back in 2010 and over the last few evenings have begun the LONG task of saving all the best images I like as I had such a soft spot for my page back in the day, I made some good friends off Tumblr too!

    Anyone know a good site to download videos from Tumblr? All the ones I've found where you post in a URL to download a video look sketchy as hell.
  20. Tubeoffline downloads tumblr videos and it's safe and I use torch browser to download videos as well.
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