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Tumblr Is Deleting All Adult Content

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Uno, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Amazing! Thanks very much!
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  2. R.I.P. my iconic gif blog with 3000 followers.
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  3. Uno


    Does anyone know what happened with this? I still see plenty of porn on my feed.

    I know some accounts have this blurry icon now, but what actually did they change?
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  4. I still see the occasional "adult" image on my timeline too, but they're less explicit/graphic and it's very few compared to before these changes.

    Blogs that have been marked "adult/NSFW" have a warning when you try to view them, but you can still view them when you click "View This Tumblr" (I'm not sure if that's meant to be the case because I understood the changes to mean they'd be marked as private?) but actual content that has been marked "adult" either automatically by the filters or by user reports is mostly unavailable and replaced by a white box linking to the community rules like below:


    Some less "adult", but still suggestive material, seems to be getting through just fine though. I don't want to be descriptive here but you can guess the kind of material that is. The hilarious thing is the post before the one I took a screenshot of for the example above was a .gif of an explicit sex act that hasn't been blocked? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  5. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member


    The future is bright

    Hey, did you hear the news? We’re being acquired by Automattic! They’re a technology company that empowers people to build beautiful websites, tell their stories, and find and grow their audience. We couldn’t be more pleased with this new and complementary home where we can continue working on behalf of our community—you.

    Your login credentials will remain the same. Nothing will change with how you use Tumblr and we’ll continue our efforts to make your experience even better.

    Starting September 26, 2019, your Tumblr account will be governed by the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    We think you’re going to love Tumblr’s bright future, but we also want to remind you that you have complete control over whether or not your Tumblr account remains active after Tumblr’s acquisition by Automattic. If you’re just not feeling it, you can choose to export the contents of your blog(s) and/or delete your account(s)by September 25, 2019.

    Have more Qs? We got you. Find your answers in the FAQ.
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  6. Will they allow adult content again?
  7. Unlikely, but Tumblr died a swift death after banning porn so that should be a warning for other corporations looking to ban adult content for financial gain.
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  8. Please could they also ban that awful Oath screen that redirects visitors if they try to access your Tumblr? It looks awful. It's intrusive. It takes too much effort. Just get rid of it now.
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