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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by SeaWitch, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. And now I have!

    Tumblr 1: http://songsthatgennawouldprobablylike.tumblr.com/

    Tumblr 2: http://4drphotography.tumblr.com/ (Not yet in use)
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  2. I'm just using my Tumblr now to like and share things I find funny.


    My blogging stuff is now at liamlikes.co.uk
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  4. Haha, yeah, she is.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  6. I made a post about all the martial arts clubs my university offers, one of which is Muay Thai, and over the last three days I have gained more than thirty Muay Thai spambot followers.

    Isn't tumblr fun?
  7. Is Tumblr still used? I always liked the idea and it worked well when you had a purpose to your own one but otherwise felt so overwhelming and semi-not user friendly.
  8. I've been Reddit-ing more often these days but I've started using Tumblr again- if you follow blogs or sites that are acquired to your taste, you can get a good amount of creative/political inspiration. Anyways, my picture Tumblr is: http://dreamdrnal.tumblr.com
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