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TV Casts That Hated Each Other!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. There were two Ichebs? I did not know this.

    I don't know the detail of Kate v Jeri. I can't imagine it's nice for the lead actor to hear that they aren't enough for the ratings and they need to bring in a younger and sexier woman to spice things up. We'd all be a bit jealous. I just checked on Wikipedia (so may not be true) but the introduction of Seven didn't really do much for the show ratings-wise beyond her first few episodes.
  2. The role was recast for the character’s cameo in Star Trek: Picard. The original actor recently bitched about never having been approached to reprise the role- which isn’t surprising when you consider he was something of a sex pest on the set of Voyager- and he’s openly supported Kevin Spacey (who sexually assaulted a 14 year Anthony Rapp from Discovery).
  3. At least the actor they got in for Picard actually still looked like how you'd imagine Icheb to look a few years older. Twenty-years older Manu looks too middle-aged for a flash-back that far. They made the right creative decision, irrespective of what he's said online or how he's allegedly behaved on set.
  4. It moved Voyager back on top of all the other sci-fi shows as far as coverage went for about two years, obviously not X Files level, but ahead of Stargate etc, then they just coasted 'til the last episode. It stopped the rating slide that started in the awful season two.

    Late 1997/early 98 you couldn't get past the TV section of any magazine display without Jeri being on the cover of something. UK/outside USA ratings don't seem to be widely available but I've always felt that Voyager was far more popular internationally than it was in the USA (The Netflix stats seem to support that). Anybody with a Sky subscription would definitely be aware of Voyager every Monday night at 8pm and the fact that Sky One showed Star Trek repeats like how E4 shows Friends and The Big Bang Theory would suggest that Voyager was a big hit for them. The international fees for Voyager was probably what kept the show going, UPN were probably told to live with the ratings as it still generated a ton of money for the parent company.

    As for Mulgrew, the stories are that she took the hump personally because she felt affronted that she'd been put in a position that undermined her and the amount of time devoted to Jeri that kept Mulgrew on set waiting at a time when she had two young children that she was sacrificing her own time from. She resented that the most. It got to the point where Mulgrew threw out a hair team from the set because she got so fed up of the squad constantly retouching Jeri so that she would look perfect on screen at all times. I think she also had a big issue with Jennifer Lien being sacked. Then the guys in the cast tried to sort things out and Mulgrew calmed down a bit, but then she would just act like a dick to Jeri, not looking at her when she was reading her lines off camera etc. The producers noticed that their dynamic and charged chemistry was showing on-screen, so started writing in more and more Kate and Jeri only scenes.

    Apparently Kate only started to reign it properly in when Jeri started dating the showrunner.
  5. Have never seen the show and probably never will but I’m so enjoying all this juicy TV set tea
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  6. Did we do Vivian Vance vs. William Frawley? Even after "I Love Lucy" they still loathed one another. Bill worked next store on the show "My Three Sons" while Vivian was doing "The Lucy Show". Every time he'd hear Vivian's delivering one of her lines, he'd pick up an empty film canister and bash it against the studio door to screw her up. The entire rift apparently began when he overheard Vivian complaining that her tv husband was so old. Bill was an alcoholic and a gambler. He would be drunk on the set and demanding to have less lines to read. Desi and Lucy hated each other by the end of the show's run and weren't even speaking to one another. They spoke through a moderator. Desi was a full blown drunk by the end, too. Vivian once told a pregnant Lucy to go fuck herself and followed up with, "but I see Desi already did that."

  7. He seems to reflect the late Kathryn Joosten's comments about the leading ladies on the show being 'spoiled'. I wish someone would write a book.

    I'd be interested to know more about what happens on the set of the Dynasty reboot, given the frequency with which cast members seem to leave. Nathalie Kelley commenting "I've got my life back" after she was axed at the end of the first season, her sort-of-replacement Ana Brenda Contreras also quitting after one season and having to be recast, the abrupt departures of Nicollette Sheridan and James Mackay...something must be going on.

    And after the Roxanne Pallett scandal on Celeb BB, weren't her former Emmerdale co-stars queuing up to tell the world what a nightmare she was to work beside?
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  8. Kelley recently said that she felt out of depth in the role. Doesn't seem like there's any bad blood there. She said she was grateful the producers let her go as she just couldn't get into the character. I get the sense it is a show where the producers are constantly trying to keep it afloat creatively and money-wise, which is why there's a high turnover in cast.
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  9. Kathryn Joosten also hated working on Dharma & Greg and openly called it a terribly written show and a comedy without substance. She was miserable on their set but needed the money after they fired her from The West Wing. The West Wing firing was also her own fault - she casually mentioned to executive producer Aaron Sorkin that she was exploring other options and looking at pilot scripts.

    Blythe Danner was also miserable while shooting a pilot for Two and a Half Men, she had a huge falling out with Chuck Lorre and hates him with a passion to this day. He fired her after they shot the unaired pilot and replaced her with Holland Taylor who landed the most lucrative job of her acting career with this part.
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  10. I’m currently rewatching the entire series and it’s really helping me get through these trying times.
    I’m on season 8 now and I forgot how intense that era was all the way through. So much drama and all of it was well-written, with brilliant acting across the board. I think the middle seasons were the best for this. Overall it’s pretty damn impressive that most of the series doesn’t feel particularly dated, obvious things like those old cell phones and one questionable episode aside.

    The first time around I largely gave up around the time of the second helicopter incident. I saw some bits and pieces of the later seasons and it was painful to watch at times (especially everything involving Uncle Jesse), but I’m planning to stick it out until the very end this time.
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  11. I thought that at first too, and pouring the blame on herself seems like a fairly self-deprecating way of addressing it. However, the timing of her comments only happening towards the end of Season 3 when the first episode of her new ABC series debuted last week is curious. It almost feels inevitable she was going to be asked about it, but it's also drawing some attention to the fact she is on something else now.
  12. WHAT. I loved the shows’ first seasons and I’m shook from this tea.
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