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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by andrew*, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. I don't think there is a thread for this already, if there is, apologies.

    I have mainly set it up for the imminent start of Nigella's new series (Simply Nigella) but also to discuss other trashy TV cookery shows that I seemingly waste my time watching. I just finished My Kitchen Rules Australia on Sky Living, which I quite enjoyed (mainly for zaddy Steve) and now i'm watching Masterchef Australia, which is also good. The people in it are so much better than the UK version! I swear they must have some secret commis chefs out the back.
  2. Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef: Just Deserts - I've seen every single episode of every single season. With both that and Nigella coming back right about now I'm in heaven.

    I'm also in actual love with Allegra McEvedy.
  3. Oh, and My Kitchen Rules UK was so bad it was amazing again. That's never coming back is it? Loved those ladies from Scotland. "WELCOME TO SCOTLAND!"
  4. Does Come Dine With Me count? Compellingly trashy.
  5. I binged-watched the first five series of My Kitchen Rules Australia while I was studying for exams earlier in the year and ended up a tad addicted. I don't think the right team won this latest series, but I'm probably just still bitter about them beating Ash & Camilla. (Also, Drasko > Steve.)

    But yeah, the UK version was shite.
  6. I was (am) also fond of the Fabulous Baker Brothers, for entirely inappropriate reasons.

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  7. I'm so ready for Nigella's return. I still always watch the repeats of her old shows on Food Network even though I've seen them all countless times.

    Food Network is basically my favourite channel though. Nigella, Barefoot Contessa, Anna Olson, Ree Drummond. All amazing. I also stan for Trisha Yearwood's show if anyone watches that?
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  8. Island

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    Watching this makes me laugh every time. Also, the episode where she dresses up as Cher is amazing.

  9. Island

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  10. Just a little reminder for everyone that Queen Nigella's new show starts tonight.

    BBC2 8.30. I have my bloody mary and a slice of grasshopper pie ready to go!
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  11. I. CAN'T. WAIT. I'm excitedly primed.
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