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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. And that's the thing, Twice have the potential to be totally amazing. There is something about them as a group that draws me to them. In particular Jihyo. But the quality of the albums and even some title tracks (Cheer Up) that are just piss poor. Twicetagram is the only album of theirs that I could listen to from start to finish.
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  2. Sis you literally quoted a post that mentioned SNSD in it. And you're notorious for being one of the more... vocal SNSD stans in all of KPJ. Or course, we'd assume you're pressed that Twice broke SNSD's record.

    Plus I don't think I ever saw you post about these other current generation girl groups and their amazing music - maybe except Red Velvet...
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  3. A post about Twice becoming the best selling girl group in Korea. Why would I be pressed about them breaking the record? I don't care about sales or records. I'm not twelve and have nothing better to do with my time.

    And no, I don't comment on a lot of the other groups because I don't actually have that much time to keep up with all current releases. I've only just gotten round to going through the CLC discography.
  4. I was a bit harsh on my assessment of their album tracks because you can usually salvage at least one other track, it’s just that they clutter their releases with so many midtempos and ballads that they seriously just don’t have the range for.


    I bop.
  5. Are you getting your life to these bops on bops?
  6. From what I can remember, there were a few good songs here and there yeah. I got more into Astro during my new K-Pop discovery.
  7. We support

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  8. we kinda knew it all along though, didn't we? I mean....
  9. I love Twice but I can't help but scream when they're compared to Wonder Girls cause this comes car-crashing into my subconscious.

    And it's not even a quirky old vs new thing since SNSD has their fair share of.... members with unique talents. Wonder Girls were just a rare case of most members being well-rounded. Even Miss A were't well-rounded like WG were. I don't think Twice essentially has the certain figureheads in the group to push them somewhere like Reboot, but they don't really need to do a Reboot or something like that. They have their lane.
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  10. Twice has so many bops but I don't care for them as individuals.
  11. 냠냠냠냠냠냠냠냠냠냠
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    When is their comeback? I need Jihyo to rock this look in a music video already.
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  13. Jihyo used to be my least favourite (after Dahyun obviously) but I’ve done a 180 on that.
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  14. Well thank god.

    In other news twicoctober is coming
  15. Gimme a Black Eyed Pilseung produced bop for the end of the year, ala Likey & TT.
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  16. I just hope it's another full album, twicetagram was sooo good, they don't have any reason to make it another mini.
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  17. Be as ONE is slaying the charts

  18. BDZ debuts on the Oricon Daily Charts with 89,721 copies sold.

    For lack of a better comparison, the best selling K-Pop Girl Group, Girls Generation album opened with 73,583 sales & KARA's Girl's Talk with 13,265.
  19. Congrats to TWICE. It’s amazing how big they’ve become in Japan even though the hallyu craze seemed to have died down there, especially for girl groups. A true global phenomenon, wig etc.
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  20. Day 1: #1 (89,721)
    Day 2: #1 (31,334)

    Total: 121,055

    For comparison SNSD sold 48,428 in its second day for a total of 122,011. So Twice is lagging a bit behind despite having a better opening number.
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