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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. 냠냠냠냠냠냠냠냠냠냠
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    When is their comeback? I need Jihyo to rock this look in a music video already.
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  3. Jihyo used to be my least favourite (after Dahyun obviously) but I’ve done a 180 on that.
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  4. Well thank god.

    In other news twicoctober is coming
  5. Gimme a Black Eyed Pilseung produced bop for the end of the year, ala Likey & TT.
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  6. I just hope it's another full album, twicetagram was sooo good, they don't have any reason to make it another mini.
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  7. Be as ONE is slaying the charts

  8. BDZ debuts on the Oricon Daily Charts with 89,721 copies sold.

    For lack of a better comparison, the best selling K-Pop Girl Group, Girls Generation album opened with 73,583 sales & KARA's Girl's Talk with 13,265.
  9. Congrats to TWICE. It’s amazing how big they’ve become in Japan even though the hallyu craze seemed to have died down there, especially for girl groups. A true global phenomenon, wig etc.
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  10. Day 1: #1 (89,721)
    Day 2: #1 (31,334)

    Total: 121,055

    For comparison SNSD sold 48,428 in its second day for a total of 122,011. So Twice is lagging a bit behind despite having a better opening number.
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  11. Not to annoy even more with this, but the fact that this was posted just above someone else praising her new hairstyle is... ironic dddddd
  12. I missed this video last month but my interest levels for Twice have now risen back to 200%.

    I'm apprehensive to check out the new songs on the Japanese album.
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  13. Be as ONE made me sob. It's beautiful.
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  14. Day 1: #1 (89,721)
    Day 2: #1 (31,334)
    Day 3: #1 (22,481)

    Total: 143,536
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  15. I gave the album a listen yesterday but couldn’t get through most of it. One More Time remains their only decent Japanese track.
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  16. I also like Candypop (and nothing else)...
    I thought I would enjoy hearing their Korean singles in Japanese but they all turned out pretty underwhelming...
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  17. they sounded quite decent, i thought.
    it's quite refreshing to see them performing in a non korean tv format.
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  18. Day 1: #1 (89,721)
    Day 2: #1 (31,334)
    Day 3: #1 (22,481)
    Day 4: #1 (12,453)

    Total: 155,989
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  19. I can't really get through the Japanese album either. It's all a bit samey.

  20. First K-Pop girl group to reach 400M on YT.



    Not bad for a $70 album, nn.

    Also, Dance The Night Away equals TT as their 2nd longest charting single in Melon Weekly Top 10. A hit.
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