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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Not to annoy even more with this, but the fact that this was posted just above someone else praising her new hairstyle is... ironic dddddd
  2. I missed this video last month but my interest levels for Twice have now risen back to 200%.

    I'm apprehensive to check out the new songs on the Japanese album.
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  3. Be as ONE made me sob. It's beautiful.
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  4. Day 1: #1 (89,721)
    Day 2: #1 (31,334)
    Day 3: #1 (22,481)

    Total: 143,536
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  5. I gave the album a listen yesterday but couldn’t get through most of it. One More Time remains their only decent Japanese track.
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  6. I also like Candypop (and nothing else)...
    I thought I would enjoy hearing their Korean singles in Japanese but they all turned out pretty underwhelming...
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  7. they sounded quite decent, i thought.
    it's quite refreshing to see them performing in a non korean tv format.
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  8. Day 1: #1 (89,721)
    Day 2: #1 (31,334)
    Day 3: #1 (22,481)
    Day 4: #1 (12,453)

    Total: 155,989
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  9. I can't really get through the Japanese album either. It's all a bit samey.

  10. First K-Pop girl group to reach 400M on YT.



    Not bad for a $70 album, nn.

    Also, Dance The Night Away equals TT as their 2nd longest charting single in Melon Weekly Top 10. A hit.
  11. Jeongyeon and her sister have a song together.

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  12. Let me revive the thread, Happy Birthday Momo!!!

    this is sending me
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  13. They've all cried so much during the presentation and said how tired they JYP please let them rest for more than a week next year. Also with 10 daesangs they've equalled SNSD as the girl groups with most grand prizes.

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  14. My guess is JYP will probably make them go at it just as much in 2019 (at least the first half) so they can break a few more records in the year-end, and then we'll start seeing solos and/or sub-units from whoever wants to go there, which will also allow the company to concentrate a lot more on their upcoming girlgroup and put the budget there.

    I do think the girls deserve a proper break, though.
  15. This is pretty great

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  16. Give me the subunit.
  17. BDZ Repackage is out now (vote at KPJC), lead by this gorgeous ballad


    Happy Birthday Sana

  18. Best Thing I Ever Did is not a song I would usually like but I love it. TWICE trash I am.
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  19. the subunit you deserve.
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  20. Not with Dahyun there. Apart from Momo those are the worst members.
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