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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Educated legends
  2. The caption made couple of points

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  3. Successfully wrapped first show on the first ever K-GG headlined dome tour.

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  4. This is... crazy.
  5. TWICE are bigger than GOD haself, we been knew.
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  6. Chaeyeon serving.
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  7. Can't get over the houndstooth pants suit.
  8. I can't deal with Dahyun being treated more of a singer than Chaeyoung is.
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  9. And Sana's outfit in the new dance practice video just made me an akgae.

    I think.

    I obviously don't care about stupid political netizen bullshit. Just dance practice videos.
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  10. After initially being a bit "meh" about Fancy the album and playing it only because I felt like I had to, I love it now. I also keep mishearing "girls like us" as "girls like girls", which makes the song even better than it already is. I want to buy the physical album but it's like 34 euros at the place I usually buy my k-pop stuff. Yikes.
  11. Both FNAC and Amazon UK have it for less than that, around 24-28€. I've been meaning to buy it myself, but I was wondering, is it likely to get a repackage? Has anything been said about that? I don't really know how these things generally work, but their last two mini-albums did get repackages. As much as I love the packaging, it'd feel kind of like a waste of money to buy it now only for a repackage to get released soon.
  12. I bought it in the end oops. I can't remember for how much, though. I think it was less than 30€. The photos are gorgeous.
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  13. Hate Happy Happy, LOVE Breaththrough.
  14. This is still a masterpiece

  15. If by masterpiece you mean steaming pile of shit, then absolutely.
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