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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. So, you're like TT.
  2. Isn't this the song that sounds like a Kidz Bop cover?
  4. What

    What is TT?
  6. This thread is dead but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. They are serving here.


    Also Happy Birthday to the queen of center and lines!!! <3

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  7. All this hullabaloo for a freakin' fanmeet too ... #binchplease
  8. We love the sapphic icons of Korea.
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  10. I probably should post this in the unpopular opinions thread but anyway, Signal is my favorite song by them. I never skip it when it comes on shuffle and it's still on my "best of 2017" list.
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  11. I love Signal. but all I can think about when thinking about it is that video of some American girl at some messy backyard suburban concern / mosh pit doing the Signal choreo.

    Edit - Dddd I found it:
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  12. I swear I hated Signal when it first came out. Now it's my fave Twice song, too.
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  13. One More Time is out there...

    and it's a BOP
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  14. Who needs One More Time when you have...
    The Twice Song.
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  16. Am I forever pressed that Like Ooh Ahh is their only single to not reach number 1?


    I still think it's their best single and should've won AT LEAST 20 music show awards.
  17. Today I was thinking about what would be my ranking for TWICE songs and kii at how unpopular it turned out:

    TT >> Signal > Cheer Up (I low-key stan this) > Like Ooh Aah >> One More Time > Heart Shaker > Likey >>> Knock Knock
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