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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  2. What

    What is TT?
  4. This thread is dead but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. They are serving here.


    Also Happy Birthday to the queen of center and lines!!! <3

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  5. All this hullabaloo for a freakin' fanmeet too ... #binchplease
  6. We love the sapphic icons of Korea.
  7. I probably should post this in the unpopular opinions thread but anyway, Signal is my favorite song by them. I never skip it when it comes on shuffle and it's still on my "best of 2017" list.
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  8. I love Signal. but all I can think about when thinking about it is that video of some American girl at some messy backyard suburban concern / mosh pit doing the Signal choreo.

    Edit - Dddd I found it:
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  9. One More Time is out there...

    and it's a BOP
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  11. Am I forever pressed that Like Ooh Ahh is their only single to not reach number 1?


    I still think it's their best single and should've won AT LEAST 20 music show awards.
  12. Today I was thinking about what would be my ranking for TWICE songs and kii at how unpopular it turned out:

    TT >> Signal > Cheer Up (I low-key stan this) > Like Ooh Aah >> One More Time > Heart Shaker > Likey >>> Knock Knock
  13. I'm very new to Twice, so you'll have to bear with me if I ask some stupid questions...
    But is there any particular reason that people around here seem to really dislike Dahyun???
  14. I don't think anyone really dislikes her or hates her?

    I do see the possibility some find her a bit inessential because her offerings to the group are more about things like variety shows, etc.

    She's liked in Korea if Gallup's poll of Korea's Top 20 idols is meant to be believed:
    6. Nayeon
    9. Tzuyu
    12. Jeongyeon
    17. Dahyun
  15. [​IMG]

    I genuinely love the band, so I watch a lot of their variety shows & TwiceTV and she is just the most annoying of the girls. She's like the Jackson or Henry of the group. Always loud, always desperate for laughs, constantly seeking attention. It's so jarring when the other girls are so unintentionally hilarious and not trying hard at all.

    In saying that, I don't actually dislike her, but she's easily my least favourite.
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  16. Dahyun has the most aeygo no? She's the one that Twice fans are always sharing on their Twitter feeds. At least that's the case with the people I follow who like them.

    Twice are such a weird band for me. When they launched, I was super excited but they've slowly gotten worse for me. It's all way too cutesy! They need a more mature 'velvet' concept like Red Velvet just had.
  17. Madonna sunbaenim found shaking.

    Ariana unnie found shook.
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