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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Chaeyoung is a great rapper and their dancing is always stellar, just seeing those stages and THIS

    makes me so excited for their more serious concepts. This version of Signal is even better than the original.
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  2. Them all doing Momo's dance break together.

  3. Likey switched parts... Dahyun and Momo should just switch roles in the group because they both killed it
  4. Watching this was so eye-opening as to people's skillsets. It seems obvious that Momo could do the rapping for both Chaeyoung and Dahyun with ease (Nayeon not so much). Jihyo sounds much better when she doesn't have the belt notes, Sana really is the one to go to for iconic line deliveries (which isn't a read of Tzuyu) and Mina is a much better vocalist than the line distributions seem to give her credit for (plus her visual game is no joke with that daughter-of-the-CEO-of-a-tech-conglomerate haircut and mock trench-coat dress).
  5. I actually like this much more than the main version. Momo kinda killed the rap part while she doesn't sound really good on the official version. The same could be said about Sana.

    Also as a side note: Tzuyu and Mina are the best members, aren't they?
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  6. To be fair she gets 3rd most lines after main vocals and is considered 4th best vocalist, but I'm glad people are starting to notice she's a great vocal, she doesn't have the range Jihyo has but she has by far the most pleasing tone in the group and she could pull of higher notes which she showed when she covered for Jeongyeon in Cheer Up era.
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  7. I think it's just that her lines seem really inconsequential most of the time compared to, say, Nayeon or Jihyo who I don't always think pull of what they're given or it could sound nicer with a different tone (which as you say Mina has). I really like Jihyo's delivery in Likey but found they plonked her back in the strain zone with Heart Shaker which was a shame.
  8. The question: "Who's the 'best member' in Twice?"
    Is like: "What's the 'meaning of life'"?

    We all know the answer to both questions is: "Sana."
  9. I get that they probably didn't have much time to create this part switch, but it's so robotic sounding and they all start to sound the same. I still love that they tried it though.
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  10. Wait at Sana doing Mina's part even better than Mina does.

    We're ready for the sha-sha-sha Japanese queen of Korea's solo debut.
  11. Legend, queen of knitting

  12. I'm dying at the fact that Jeongyeon kind of looks like my mother when she was that age. Let me stan her a bit.
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  13. Queens of every market! Biggest girl group in the world!

  14. The queen of uniting the people of the world.
  15. Candy Pop B-side.. It's really cute Sana + Nayeon x2 & Jihyo + Mina chorus with lots of quirk

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  16. Not sure if it's posted already....but after infamous Knock knock is Likey.

    Mina's and Nayeon's vocals are on point as always!
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  17. I got this for you @RUNAWAY
    It's Jeongyeon instead of Jungyeon even though they are both correct, she prefers the first one

    Jihyo - Leader, Main Vocalist
    Nayeon - Lead(Main) Vocalist, Center, Face Of The Group
    Jeongyeon - Lead Vocalist
    Mina - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    Sana - Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Momo - Main Dancer, Sub-Vocal/Rapper
    Tzuyu - Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae, Visual
    Dahyun - Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
    Chaeyoung - Main Rapper, Vocalist

  18. Okay so I'm watching Sixteen and the brutality of it all. Actually found it a bit too cruel at times and am only episode 3.
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  19. They've won couple of Golden Disc Awards in Japan

    - Album Of The Year (#TWICE)
    - Song Of The Year by download (TT)
    - Best 3 Albums
    - New Artist Of The Year (Asia Division)
    - Best 3 New Artist
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